How a love-and-light teacher become a Murderer

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Frederick Dodson

Snippets from emails I received from a reader:

A “love and light” teacher ended up murdering her daughter in human sacrifice.

The beings of “pure light” she was talking to, guided her through a process that apparently culminated in the need for her daughter to “ascend” to a higher realm. The best way to do that, they said, was by killing her. She was also trying to “ascend”, through suicide, but failed.

The person emailing me, who wishes to stay anonymous, also showed me the Instagram account and a news article about the crime.

The Instagram account is all bright colors, positive quotes, love and light, light language, light beings, law of attraction, etc. I’m told one would never guess, but I did see giveaways of entity-influence.

One of the giveaways was that the group meditations offered were at full moon. Another was that everything was excessively positive, saturated with bright colors. “All positive” folks usually have something to hide, that’s nothing new.

Entity possession is more common than people think. People are painfully naive on the subject. This is why I wrote the book “Clearing Entities”. I have NEVER received more Feedback than on this book because so many people have had real life experiences with the issue.

Bottom Line: If you’re unable to SEE into other realms, then don’t communicate with other beings. If they’re invisible to you, you can’t tell whether they’re good or bad. I don’t need any “information” from an entity. I am a divinely created being with access to a cosmic library.

In the new age, metaphysics scene, entities come in under many guises:

Soul Guide (you don’t need one)
Guardian Angel (not an angel)
Light Beings (you don’t need them)
Walk-Ins (don’t do it)
Ascended Masters

I’m not saying there are no good beings out there. I’m saying that most people are not trained or equipped to discern, so the best leave the subject alone. It’s not needed for your development.

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