History is False

The History you have been taught in school is false. It is not just a little false due to human error or bias, it’s completely fabricated. This unique book presents the results of meticulous research into some of our mysterious “History”. It examines buried cities in deserts, evidence of Giants as recent as the 1800s, the reality of subterranean civilizations, the Domed Earth, ancient energy lines and grids, the fake timelines of America and Africa and much more. This is a collection of articles published by Frederick Dodson on the website www.falsehistory.net in the years 2020-2022.

Table of Contents

  1. The Mystery of 1000 years missing from Galleria Umberto
  2. The Fake History of Chicago
  3. The Fake History of San Francisco
  4. Native Americans spoke Ancient German
  5. The mystery of star forts
  6. The giants lived on earth much more recently
  7. Do we live under a dome?
  8. Trade with subterranean people in the middle ages
  9. Australia is not what it seems to be
  10. The buried cities of North America
  11. Ancient grids and lines of the desert
  12. The Fake History of Africa
  13. The mirror moon map and hidden Continents

Free Excerpts from the Book

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