Higher Knowledge of Breakaway Civilizations

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Frederick Dodson

Not only are there “breakaway civilizations” of super-advanced humans so advanced humans, but dissemination of all knowledge amongst humanity doesn’t even work.

“Cast not pearls before the swine…”

If I have a certain amount of Gold and disperse it to all people, each individual has too little, less than a speck of dust. It becomes useless. But more can be done with the same amount of gold concentrated among less individuals.

As controversial and undemocratic as it sounds, the same applies to knowledge. You can have all the knowledge you want, but not “for free”. If I show you knowledge at level 5 you won’t even perceive it if you haven’t first acquired level 3 and 4. Knowledge is gradually earned through study, experience, research, etc. All schools and systems of study acknowledge the natural progression.

Overloading people with knowledge they are not prepared to handle is a waste of energy/time at best and damaging at worst.

This is why, at any given time, only 20% of the people have a relatively mature understanding of how the world works and less than 1% have the full picture.

It took me 50 years of experimentation and research to gain a little less foggy understanding of who and where I am.

The 20% of people who are more or less cognizant and reality-aware get called “batshit crazy” by the rest.

At the ever-so-slight deviation from mainstream thought, they hear

“he’s lost his marbles”
“that’s a stretch”
“not possible”
“what have you been smoking?”


But if you’ve been considered crazy, you’re in good company.

From meeting and coaching a lot of people rich and poor, I learned that the richer or more successful a person is in real-life, the more “batshit crazy” they often are. The most insane people I’ve met were Billionaires. You can’t make Billions by being normal.

Logic dictates that there are breakaway civilizations hidden from our eyes. These are people who have recognized the futility of of trying to force a horse to drink the water its been led to. So they go next level without you. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. The compassionate among them will continue to lead to water, but you must drink. It’s your CHOICE.

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