Ancient High-Tech Caves

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Something that most people do not yet know is that there is a system of artificially built caves and tunnels across the Globe. 

Two recent examples of this, are the Caves in Huashan and Longyou, China. They are evidence of an ancient civilization that had technology on par or even superior to ours. 

In Huashan there are 36 artificially created caves and in Longyou 24 have been found so far, only one of which is open to tourists.

Even though they are a thousand miles apart, both cave complexes are of similar layout and construction, as if built by the same people. The builders are unknown (to Academics). China has extensive historical records, but has apparently not recorded who has built these sensational structures. There are mentions of the caves in 1700 year old texts, but even the people who wrote those ancient records, do not know who built them! The caves were already ancient 1700 years ago. 

Archaeologists have been unable to explain how the hard sandstone quartz was precision cut. In school we learned that the ancients had no such tools, but apparently they did. 

Large parts of the cave complexes still can’t be accessed by tourists, due to flooding. Parts have been de-flooded for tourists to visit.

The caves in Huashan were reportedly rediscovered by a local farmer in the 1950s. It took until 1995 before a team from a Bejing University went to explore the place (45 years being enough time to loot artifacts).

What these explorers did find were fossilized Dinosaur prints! Even though the University ascribed the place to the 2nd and 3rd Century, the Dinosaur prints hint that the place may be much older. As readers of my books on Atlantis know, it is my view that ancient-high-tech originates from pre-great-flood times more than 12 000 years ago.

The cave systems consists of hundreds of halls, tunnels, stairways cut with precision and held by gigantic pillars. The lines of the ceiling were beautifully cut to match the topography of the mountain.

The Longyou caves were supposedly stumbled upon by a local villager in 1992, while he was pumping water from a pond. They make up an area of 30 000 square meters. There are no ancient records of the Longyou caves either. Their construction is not recorded in any historical documents. That is just more evidence that high-tech mega-structures such as these or the Pyramids of Giza, were built pre-flood.  Most evidence of these people was wiped out with the flood. 

In Longyou, floor, walls and ceiling are covered in beautiful parallel lines that have been meticulously chiselled into it. Similar can be found in Huashan.

There are no traces of construction and no hints as to how these caves were dug out. When the caves were emptied of 18 000 tons of water, no fish or any other signs of life were found, which is an anomaly. Nor is it understood how these constructs are so well preserved to this day.

What does it all mean? I wrote my two books on Atlantis primarily to teach that there was once a high-tech civilization on Earth that got destroyed by a gigantic global flood. I also wrote the books to indicate, that, while these people were very advanced in technology, they were not necessarily ethical people. Many books on “ancient aliens” glorify these people and those times, but the texts of ancient mythology and sacred texts point to something quite different. 

All of the large Pyramids around the globe were made by them. Just like the cave systems,most of these are yet to be discovered.

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