High and Low Consciousness Music

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Ever since I published my 2009 Levels of Energy, where I rank everything for frequency-levels, people keep asking me whether their favorite movies, books, activities and music are “high consciousness” or “high energy”. Sometimes the question comes from curiosity, but often it’s motivated by Ego. People want to know that what they believe is “good”. My message to you is:

Just because you like something, doesn’t mean it’s “high consciousness”.

I like a lot of things that aren’t high consciousness. The teachings in Levels of Energy were not meant to turn you into a spiritual snob. All levels have their purpose. Example: The Gym does not call for high-consciousness music, it calls for aggressive music. Use hard rock or hip hop, not wind chimes and Gregorian chanting.

Almost none of the pop, hip hop, rock, dance, R&B and radio music nowadays is anywhere near high-consciousness. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful in some contexts. Energy level is determined by the music style, the emotional level of the maker, the intentions of the musicians and even the record companies involved. A robotic PR-mindset cares about finding the musical formula for highest sales and ruins truly creative music. Creativity doesn’t care about that and simply channels the music from other realms. When creative music succeeds, PR-firms try to analyze why and reproduce or copy that thousands of times. That makes them money for some time, but eventually a high-consciousness creative will have to provide a new spark.

Real high-consciousness music is rare. And just because a music is high consciousness, does not automatically mean that I like it or am supposed to like it. Example: Jazz is high consciousness music. It’s 400s to 500s (if you don’t understand these numbers, read the book). If you go to a Jazz concert, you find peaceful, intellectual and also stylish people. No surprise. The reason Jazz is high consciousness is because making it requires skills only found at higher consciousness levels: A freestyling spontaneity and giving the mind nothing to latch onto, while at the same time showing symmetry and synchrony. Thus, Jazz produces a state of no-mind relaxation in the listener. It’s a positive effect.

And I don’t like Jazz. Do I have to? I just don’t like the sound of Brass. Can I acknowledge that something is high-consciousness, without having to subscribe to it?

When I fly with Emirates airlines or Qatar Airways, I often listen to Muslim prayer singing.  That’s very high consciousness, 500s to 600s. But I am not a Muslim. So what? Does that mean I am not permitted to listen to the singing? Sometimes I visit a local Orthodox Christian Church to listen to the singing and chanting. It’s very high energy, high consciousness. But I’m not an Orthodox Christian. I completely disagree with their theology. So what? Does that mean I am not allowed to go listen to their songs? Am I allowed to spend time with people I disagree with and still appreciate their singing?

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of comments and questions about the book, that take things too narrowly. People think if I write “orthodox singing is good!” it means I endorse Orthodox Christianity. They think if I say “Jazz is high consciousness”, it means everyone on a spiritual path should listen to Jazz.  And if I say that most hard-rock music and hip hop is low-level 200s, I never listen to it. But I do. You see? Authentic people can’t be pigeonholed. A knowledge of Levels of Energy calls for discernment, not this-or-that. Nothing is all good or all bad, everything comes in variations. There are different size golf clubs for different purposes.

Sure, much of the pop, dance and radio music is low-consciousness. If you reside in the 400s and 500s, you won’t like it. You’ll visit public spaces and ask “Why are they playing this dumbed-down music everywhere? It’s horrible!”. But if you’re in the 100s, you’ll enjoy it, it will pump you up. But if you play high-level classical music to the 100s, they’ll say “that’s so annoying!” or “so boring!”. What you see as good or bad, depends on which level you are looking from.

Having read my book Levels of Energy, don’t ask me whether something is high or low consciousness. Because you learned the levels, you are meant to be able to see it yourself. It’s really easy if you can view things neutrally instead of going by what you personally like or dislike. It is very immature to say “I don’t like Jazz. That means Jazz is low energy”.

The same principles can be applied to anything else.

My next article is titled “I sing in an invented language“. In it, I share the highest form of music.




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