Hidden Realities

Ontologist Frederick Dodson explores the hidden realities he has encountered in three decades of consciousness research. The fascinating topics of this book range from supernatural perception, paranormal events, near-death-experiences and the afterlife to mystical synchronicity with names and numbers, miraculous events and personal accounts of the strange and amazing. This is some of the finest insight into the nature of reality and the unseen you have read so far.

Reviews of Hidden Realities

A Thesis on Comparative Religion and many other spiritual topics not covered in other Dodson books

Fred Dodson’s depth continues to increase profoundly. If you’ve ever struggled with questions about what happens after death, are “my” religious beliefs “right.” What about those who believe differently – who is right? Or, if you’d like to know about Marian Apparitions, a way to see possible paranormal “beings” that might be in your space and more, this is your book. Fred explores some of the “off the beaten path” realities that we simply don’t think about every day. What is striking about this book is Fred’s continued depth of research and topic expansion. It goes way beyond the surface, and as typical with Dodson books, you’ll learn things you’ve probably never heard before, at least in this way. As a matter of testimony, I grew up in a very fundamental belief system. It permeated home, school and church. For years, I struggled with the Bible verse in John where Jesus says “No man comes to the Father but by me.” Fred addresses this directly, and in the context of the entire conversation of the book, it really helped me clear up some left-over confusion from my past. Have an open mind, be willing to stretch your belief system in new frontiers, and let Fred take you to a higher dimension of “Hidden Realities.” It’s a journey you won’t regret!.


Some Excerpts from the Book

Table of Contents

1 You and the Afterlife

2 You and Eternity

3 Trans-Religious Mysticism

4 The Mystical Significance of Numbers

5 Paranormal Skills

6 Mysteries Research

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