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Healing Hands Workshop

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

The 1 Hour Healing Hands Workshop, conducted August 1, 2020 by Frederick Dodson, is now available for Streaming on the Recorded Webinars page, that can be accessed by Members. The Webinar taught the Heart and Belief powered Healing of Others through the laying of hands and was well-received by participants. 

In this one hour session I share how I’ve used Hand Healing combined with the power of word, intent and prayer, to heal other peoples headaches, stomach pains, stomach cramps, skin rashes, wounds, depression, back aches and more serious issues. I share the importance of getting the Ego out of the way so that healing is allowed to happen, how to know whether energy is actually flowing, how to work from the heart, how to pray and intend with authority, which energy healing methods are less and more effective and many other practical lessons. 

Faith Healing and Hand Healing work very well. Sometimes they are used in combination with other treatments, but often, Hand Healing is enough. You have this skill and in this workshop, you learn how to use it. The ability does not require you to become a Reiki Master, an Ordained Minister of a Church, or a “certified” Healer. It’s a native skill you have from birth, if you have the confidence to use it.


Frederick Dodson


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