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Happy-Go-Lucky Investment

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Around the beginning of January, I acquired a large amount of Bitcoin. Half a year ago, I also acquired a good amount of silver. It was the first time in my life that I bought either of these. There was no specific reason for it. Then, in February 2021, both silver and bitcoin shot up in value, giving me significant earnings.

A friend of mine, who has been obsessing over investments for decades, said to me: “You know your stuff, don’t you. You know more than you let on”. In reality, I know next to nothing about the market. I don’t even know why my bitcoin is suddenly worth tens of thousands of Dollars more. I assume it’s because Elon Musk said that his company would accept Bitcoin? Fine. But really, I don’t know a thing about Bitcoin, Silver, the stock market or even the market in general. I do not read Investment Blogs, do not follow investment trends.

“What’s your approach, Fred?”, “What’s your method, Fred?”. Well, I don’t think anyone should follow my investment advice, because I am:


Happy-Go-Lucky people succeed naively. They don’t have a plan, a strategy or any particular attachment. We do not obsess over money. Money is an Illusion. Bitcoin is even more of an Illusion. It only has reality because people believe it does. Bitcoin doesn’t even exist as a tangible value. Silver is less of an Illusion, but the value ascribed to it, is. Silver is stuff dug up from the ground and then labeled as “valuable”. The same with the US Dollar. It has value because people say it does. But really, it’s just paper that symbolizes value. Bitcoin is just numbers on a screen. Silver is just a clunk of stuff dug up from the ground. Real Estate? Now that’s real value. That’s why it’s called REAL Estate.



My friend, who obsesses over money, told me I need to sell my Bitcoin now, because it’s at it’s height. But I’m not. Whether it goes up or down in value, doesn’t bother me. If it goes down, oh well. If it goes up, fine. All this stress people have over money, is ridiculous. I don’t see my bitcoin, US-Dollars or silver as real assets. My real assets are my books.

The point of this article: Don’t be scared. Your true assets are inside you. They cannot be taken away from you. EVER. You can generate abundance over and over, at any time, any place. Knowing that, is being truly rich. Winning or losing money “in the market” is irrelevant.

“Oh, all that new agey talk sounds nice Fred, but my investments feed my family!”.

Chill out. Your investments don’t feed your family. If anything, it’s your intuitive talent for investing, that feeds your family. And if you have that intuitive talent today, you can still have it in 10 years. And then you’ll always be on the safe side, financially. It’s all INSIDE. That’s not new agey talk. Don’t you trust that you can provide for yourself and others? If not, isn’t that the first problem? Doesn’t that problem need to get fixed first, before we talk about investing?

I say it’s the first thing to fix: Your feeling that you are creative, smart and capable of creating and generating abundance now and in the future. If you have that, you stop worrying and all else false into place.

The term happy-go-lucky is a real word in the English language. And it reveals something interesting about life: People who are happy…they go lucky! That means, there is no such thing as “luck” for no reason. To be lucky, you first have to be in a higher energy, you have to be happy. Happy goes Lucky. And indeed, I know a few languages in which the words “Happiness” and “Luck” are the same word! No difference! People I have taught languages to in the past were confused: How do I know it’s “Luck” vs. “Happiness” if its the same word? is what they’d ask me. And now I say: You don’t, because they are one and the same.

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