Had a traumatic experience? Double-Down.

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Frederick Dodson

I had a mountain-bike accident years ago. Instead of quitting, I doubled down and took my bike to even rougher terrain.

Much money was stolen from me about 10 years ago because I trusted someone with my bank account. You might think “Well, he never did that again!”, but just the opposite: I gave the next person I trusted access to several bank accounts.

Yes, most people think “What an idiot!!!”. That’s OK.

A student of mine got bitten by a snake on her own porch. She started wearing high boots every time she went walking around her house. I told her to reverse it: Go barefoot!

“What an idiot! What horrible advice!” most will say. That’s OK. Say whatever you like.

Not doubling down means going into victim-mode. Timid-mode. Fear-mode. I could have said “I will never
mountain-bike again”, forever avoiding any hint of fun. I could have said “I will never trust anyone again”, and harden my heart.

She could have said “I will never walk barefoot again”, but that gives the snake power over her.

Living in fear is no a long-term solution. Being suspicious and worried is not a life.

Are there exceptions to this? Of course. Had she gotten bitten because she walked into the snake pit, I wouldn’t ask her to “double down”. That would be truly stupid.

But the snake entered her territory, so she needed to reclaim it. She got snake repellent and walked barefoot.
Instead of forever being worried about leaving her house, she slowly but surely learned to walk and sit freely on her property.

Is there anything wholesome you enjoyed doing but quit doing because of a bad experience?

You might want to revisit it and do it at least once more to free up the trapped trauma-energy.

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