Group Energy and Mass Mind Control

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Frederick Dodson

A concept called “social facilitation” was first proven by psychologist Norman Triplett in 1898 at Indiana University. Studying the performance of bike racers, he noticed that cyclists riding alongside other cyclists performed better than when they were riding alone.

In another experiment he arranged for 40 children to play a game that involved turning a small fishing reel as quickly as possible. Those playing the game in pairs turned the reel faster than those who were alone.
Later experiments by others confirmed the same.

Example: I prefer “home gym” to a public fitness center but people tell me they “can’t” work out at home and how it’s “much easier” to work out when “everyone else is doing it”. It’s the field or the wave of the group. Working out alone requires more discipline/willpower.

But group-momentum only works if individual performances and contributions are evaluated and recognized. If the winning cyclist gets awarded after the race.

If there is no individual reward, a phenomenon called “social loafing” takes over. This is the tendency for people to exert less effort if they are not individually responsible. Think of the rope-pulling game where some pullers don’t contribute their part. This is why socialism not only doesn’t work but will always lead to a decline in morale.

In live-seminars I make generous use of group-energy and group-momentum to achieve quicker-results than one might achieve alone at home. Group-energy has many advantages if it is

a) limited in scope (my seminars are time-limited) and b) individual differences and uniqueness are allowed.
c) there is a personal reward or result

In the absence of these, group-momentum can take a wrong turn. Individuals get lazy and cede their will to the overpowering will of the group. Then, any belief, opinion or activity outside of the group-field is ignored, suppressed or actively fought. Thinking outside of the group-box is discouraged. Going along with whatever others are doing is encouraged. Criticizing the group leader is taken as an offense.

I recently mentioned the 2008 German Movie “The Wave” as an example of how easy it is to create dictatorships. It feels good to belong to a group. Everyone marching in lockstep and voicing the same slogan at the same time, feels powerful. You are energized without effort. Even if the cause is completely wrong, it feels powerful to belong to a movement.

Most groups and intentional communities fail because the individual gets lost in the collective. Collectivism has caused numerous problems. If you ever establish or join a collective, commune, organization, club, society or anything at all, be sure to maintain an individual persona and think for yourself.

Unfortunately, only a small segment is aware of these social dynamics. Research into them is marginalized, for obvious reasons. The ruling elite use knowledge of “social facilitation” for mass mind-control. If you don’t believe that just dare voice an opinion outside of whatever the prevailing dogma is.

The group energy that makes cyclists go faster is an electromagnetic field created by the synchronous activities of the individual cyclists. This field gains a life of its own and certain people are good at manipulating and stoking the flames of this field. They can get anyone to wage war against anyone else and most people fall for the dehumanizing propaganda against “the other”.

High-consciousness people tend to voice beliefs in misalignment with whatever the current trend is. They intuitively understand the dangers of group-think and balance things by “being different”.

Over time, many people are “being different”. They then form a new group-dynamic where everyone thinks and feels the same. The crazy thing about this is that they still think they are “being different”, even when the majority share their beliefs.

A Good example of this is the LGBT movement, that began has “being different” in the 1970s. Then most Corporations and Governments got on board and you saw pride-flags on every corporate logo from BMW to Disney. LGBT no longer looked like “being different” but being part of a hive-minded cult. If you didn’t show “pride” as a company, you were boycotted.

Of course one way to destroy a movement is to make it more fanatic than it organically is. If you wanted to destroy the LGBT movement, all you’d have to do is start performing transgender genital castration on children en masse under the flag of LGBT. This is why, currently the trend is reversing and in about 5 years time (if current trends continue) corporations will avoid the pride flag at all costs. All of these “culture wars” are of course, socially engineered and manufactured to keep planet Earth at a certain vibrational level.

We have intel-agencies that stage false-flag attacks. “Muslim” terrorist attacks of the 1990s, staged by the CIA. The purpose was to make Muslims look like fanatic nutjobs and the majority of Americans fell for it.

The January 6 “insurrection” was staged by the FBI to make Trump-supporters look like domestic terrorists. It didn’t succeed as well as they wanted it to.

Most people believe that the Soviet Union was created by “the Jews”. But communist takeover was meticulously prepared, planned and carried out by the British. To cover their tracks, they sent Jews to do their dirty work. “The Crown” (which are not actually “British” but non-human) set up Capitalism vs. Communism and succeeded distracting people with it for 70 years. Even today they manage to make people believe that Russians and Americans are mortal enemies. How dumb can you be and still breathe?

If you’re triggered by the last paragraph because it mis-aligns with your beliefs, realize this: Being reality-aligned = being trigger-free.

Most people think Hitler promoted Nationalism and was anti-globalist. People believe that because they don’t understand the reverse-psychology techniques of the hidden ruling elite. Hitler was a puppet sent to destroy national self-interest and promote Global governance once and for all. When he started attacking all countries around him at once, for no good reason – which is national suicide – it should have become clear that he is not the friend of the German people that he claimed to be.

Global Governance was demonstrated during Covid when 99% of all countries followed the exactly same directives.

Almost everything a collective believes is false, tainted or incomplete because mass-beliefs are generally implanted by social-engineers. In the absence of social engineering, there are as many belief-systems as there are people.

Their method is always the same and once you learn it, you’ll never see the world the same again.

1. Narrative

2. Counter-Narrative

3. Kept hidden: Narrative and counter-narrative support each other and mask a third option. Pro XYZ and Anti XYZ feed each other attention.

Groups are formed on each side and set up to fight each other. The energy-field created by the conflict creates a mass-trance, mass-noise and mass-commotion that blocks out the reality which is usually neither of the two. This can happen organically, but most often it’s stoked by hidden hand.

The purpose? Those in power keep their power while the rest fight over the crumbs left.

Narrative: Capitalism

Counter-Narrative: Communism

Both created by the same source to distract from the Oligarchy ruling and exploiting the world since the early 1800s.

Narrative: Catholics & Orthodox

Counter-Narrative: Protestants

Both are gross diversions from what Jesus actually did. The purpose is to hide instant-healing techniques from humans.

Narrative: Spiritual

Counter-Narrative: Scientific

If these aren’t combined, people are left in darkness.

Narrative: Israel

Counter-Narrative: Palestine

Both sides are controlled by the same people. The conflict is warmed up every time funds are needed, the military-industry needs to do Business and different factions need to be antagonized so that they don’t join forces.

Narrative: Pharmaceuticals

Counter-Narrative: Supplements

A deeper examination reveals that most supplement companies are owned by the same people that own the big Pharma companies. Big Pharma knew that smart people would rebel against their toxic garbage, so they offered mostly ineffective alternatives called “supplements”.

Not all info from a narrative is false, but it’s usually incomplete and only created to divert attention from enlightenment in the sense of a total understanding of a subject.

Once a subject is totally grasped, attention releases, energy is replenished and can be focused on even higher truths.

Humanity is in a holding-pattern because none of the many fake conflicts are ever resolved. And they are never resolved because people are not identifying the real cause of these conflicts. If the real cause of a conflict were known, it would end the conflict instantly and forever.

Some people are scared of sharing the causes and solutions to conflicts because it stokes violent rage in millions of people who are invested in the conflict or don’t wish to face reality.

Our holding-pattern prevents any meaningful progress or ascension.

Why do you think no progress has been made in the fields of physics or chemistry for 90 years?

How many more times are you going to believe there are separate entities called “Israel” and “Hamas”?

How do we overcome group-energy facilitated mass mind-control?

By acting and teaching outside of narrative & counter-narrative, to the best of our ability. By maintaining individuality. By not falling for the fake conflicts and instead identifying the real conflicts.

Problems repeat until people awaken and see the underlying truth.

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