Greetings from the Free State of Florida

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

“Some people wouldn’t know Tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, enacted the biggest wealth transfer in History, censored them, made them show papers and force medicated them”. – Read somewhere online

In the last three months, I’ve escaped from both New Zealand and Germany. I am currently in the free state of Florida. The adventurous escape can be read here: Part 1, Part 2. I am a political refugee who had to leave behind property, friends and extended family in both those countries. It’s been a difficult time, but to me freedom is more important than the that false sense of “comfort” of authoritarian Governments.

New Zealand is possibly the most beautiful country in the world. Even so, I sold my property there. The Government had amended it’s laws to make it possible for them to seize property under the guise of “infectious diseases”. I’ve never sold property this quickly 🙂 I’m happy to add that I sold it for double what it cost me three years ago.

When I first arrived here a couple of weeks ago, I was a little traumatized, expecting someone to approach me any second asking for my vaccine papers, my mask or my covid-shot. I’d been asked hundreds of times in the last months. I carried my mask in my pocket everywhere I went. Google Maps was alerting me that “masks are required” when I went to the supermarket or appliances store. Soon I realized I didn’t need it and left it at home. Finally, I threw it away. What a relief. The signs on the doors say “Masks recommended” not mandatory. Big difference. The announcer in Target told me “masks are highly recommended”. That’s still not mandatory. Despite Google trying to create a different reality. That’s when I quit using Google Maps, there are plenty of alternatives. In the same week, I cancelled my account at a bank where everyone was wearing masks, to a bank where no one was wearing masks. Is that weird criteria for choosing a bank? Not if you’ve seen the fruits of these two different views first hand.

Anyone who needs first-hand proof that Covid is a scam (as if it weren’t obvious), should go vacation in a free country and check for themselves.  Being here is as if Covid never existed. Floridians apparently had one lockdown of two weeks, back in 2020 and not again. Nobody is wearing masks, except for the employees of large corporations who force their employees to (such as Walmart, Uber, Nike – the usual suspects) and about 10% of the population wear masks voluntarily. And isn’t that the way it should be? If you’re scared, wear a mask, don’t force others to.

What I heard in other countries news about people dropping dead in Florida, turned out to be untrue (not surprising). There is no sign of a pandemic (but if I’m honest, there is no sign of a pandemic in these other countries either. Are there people getting a strange variation of the flu? Yes. Are some dying? Yes. But a very small number of flu deaths have always existed). In the three weeks here, I haven’t heard a person a much as cough! Not even in the crowded building I was in today. Life goes on like pre-2020:

I am not required to scan myself in everywhere I go. I am not reported by neighbors if I go for a walk. I am not forced to show my vaccination status or lack thereof. I am not escorted away from public places if I’m not wearing a mask. As utopian as it sounds, the people here conduct Business, children go to the playground and people get together. And most importantly, they mind their own Business. Wow!

I am under no Illusion that it must stay this way forever. The Covid-Cult is eying the last remaining free states and countries. But at least in places like this, there is a chance that people will fight back.

In 30 years, you’ve never heard me endorse any politician, but I am pleased with the governor of Florida, Ron De Santis. De Santis means “the Saint”. I concur.


I do wonder if people here understand how precious their freedom is. Elsewhere, social trust is eroding. People are snitching on each other, lying to employers, forging vaccine documents. Economies are being destroyed. The public is sufficiently conditioned to accept or even eagerly support lockdowns, travel bans, business shut downs “for the greater good”. Because my beliefs do not align with these places, I moved to a place where the people are more like me. My beliefs? 1. It’s OK to catch Covid.  2. Be respectful of other peoples space. 3. Social distancing, lockdown, economic shutdown, masks and forced vaccines are the opposite of health.

My short time in Florida has shown me, beyond doubt, that Covid is purely political. Health has nothing to do with it.

Within a fairly short time, I have become my relaxed-self again. I am enjoying fresh air instead of being locked into a house. How many free places are left? Not many. Norway, Sweden and Denmark are relatively free (even though heavily medicated/vaccinated).  Mexico and Africa are free.


Why are scientists always “baffled” about the good health  in places that have no or very few Covid measures? There’s nothing “baffling” about it. Covid is a scam. It’s an aggressive variation of the flu, probably artificially created, that has been used as an excuse to implement draconian measures worldwide. The reason it hasn’t hit Africa is because Africa is not being targeted by those waging the scam. The lack of Covid deaths in Africa is proof that Covid is a targeted and planned war and there’s nothing organic or coincidental about it. Or maybe genuine scientists aren’t actually “baffled”, it’s brainwashed journalists that are.


The headline says “most people who die with Covid have been vaccinated”. Below that, it says “Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected”. Can you believe the audacity of these people? At first I thought it’s satire or fake, but no, the article is real.

The resilience of freedom-loving people must increase. If we keep it at the current level, we’ll end up like Australia, where they have militarized quarantine camps for “the unvaccinated”. We need to step up our game, spread ten times as much information, file ten times as many lawsuits, not comply with anything the Covid-cult wants from us and most especially: Be successful. Your success is what gives you freedom and influence. It cost me a lot of money to escape from Covid Tyranny – to sell my stuff in a hurry, to book hotels, quarantine, international flights, endless covid-tests, etc. I had to purchase my freedom and I could afford it. But what about all the people who desire freedom and can’t afford it? That’s why you first attend to personal success. By being successful, you gain some autonomy from the negativity of mass-consciousness.

In History, liberty-loving people have always been in the minority, authoritarians (fear-people) have been the majority. Afterwards we wonder how Stalin, Mao and Hitler could have possibly killed hundreds of millions of people, with public approval.

For the record: I am not “an unvaccinated person” I’m a regular and healthy person just living my life. Referring to me as “unvaccinated” is already one step removed from reality, as a result of brainwashing. It was only in 2019 you did not separate people into “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated”. The “media”  loves labels that divide people into opposing groups. Keeping people busy being divided, distracts them from asking more fundamental questions about the human condition, the nature of government and the nature of reality.

I’ve done the best I could to teach people to elevate into abundance-consciousness. Successful, healthy and fearless people do not desire to control others. Seeing events unfolding, we see why so much more of these teachings are needed. To all healers, life-coaches, success-coaches, consciousness-teachers out there: We need more of you and more quickly. You can help by teaching that: 1. Anyone can influence and change their reality through a shift in focus and emotional state. 2. Everyone is responsible for themselves, not for others. 3. Everyone can achieve health and success through inner, spiritual work. The more people know they can create their reality, the more they leave others in peace.

As for Florida – I’m loving it, at least during winter time. I don’t know about summer :-)I’m considering doing a Live-Seminar here in 2022. It would be my first since 2019. Zoom begone! (Oh, and as for Zoom: There are plenty of free alternatives).


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