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Four amazing things about Washington D.C. that you didn’t learn in school

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

These are four fascinating things about Washington D.C. that you didn’t learn in school and won’t find on Wikipedia. For thousands of years, the ruling classes of Earth have operated from metaphysical and spiritual ideas and withheld much of it from the public.

I realize there is much more to say about Washington DC and the layout and symbolism of its city streets and parks and obelisks and pyramids and whatnot. But that’s already been said on thousands of other websites. I limit this  article to things even less known or shown anywhere.

  1. Washington D.C. was dedicated to Virgin Mary, then to the goddess Columbia.

History is the struggle between different spiritual influences. There has been a Being, appearing since hundreds of years, claiming to be Virgin Mary. This Being performs paranormal acts, provides warnings, heals and makes predictions. This Being has been known for asking people to dedicate specific places, towns, cities and even countries to her. If they are “consecrated to her”, this would bring the region her blessing. See for example the book “The Great Apparitions of Mary”, psychic Government spy Ingo Swann (yes, the Government paid spies to spy for them psychically).

It appears that the founders of the United States had this in mind, when they placed their Capital right in between Virginia and Maryland, making it “Virgin Mary Land”. From all we know about the spiritual attitudes of early Americans, the names of these states are hardly a coincidence.


In 1801 however, the city was removed from Virginia-Maryland when a new federal district was created, the district of Columbia, so named after the goddess Columbia. From that point forward, a new supernatural deity was in charge of the city. According to her Wikipedia page, in early times she was….

“…depicted as a woman who was only partly dressed, typically in bright feathers, which invariably formed her headdress. She often held a parrot, was seated on an alligator, with a cornucopia (symbolizing wealth). Sometimes a severed head was a further attribute, or in prints scenes of cannibalism were seen in the background”.


2. Washington D.C. was originally designed to be a miniature replica of the USA. 

The image above is the L’Enfant Plan, so named after the first mayor of Washington D.C. who developed the city on orders of the first President, George Washington. This final plan was drawn up by Andrew Ellicott.

Tilt your head slightly to the right and you can see that the city layout is meant to be a miniature replica of the United States of America.

Yes, this is just me speculating. I have no evidence. But examine the upper city limits for a moment. And then compare them to the northern Border of the United States of America. Then try the west coast, upper left of Washington D.C. Then the East Coast. It’s uncanny, isn’t it? It’s strange how the shape of the bordering rivers perfectly align with the east and west coast.

It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The maker of D.C. was obviously into metaphysical geometry. People like this are fond of “as above, so below, as in the big, so in the small. They like replicas and miniatures. If Washington D.C. was to represent the U.S.A, then it could also represent it in shape, they perhaps thought. Not that you’ll find any mention of this in school or college textbooks.

3. The District of Columbia is not part of any U.S. State and not subject to U.S. Law

Even though physically, the city is in Virginia and Maryland, the District of Columbia is legally not part of the United States of America, because it is not a state. It is therefore not subject to the law of the United States of America, but has its own. It is a separate entity, put above the states as their Capitol. Residents of Washington D.C. have no representation in the Senate. 

The idea behind this is, presumably, that in order to rule a country, one must be above that country.

In this sense, Washington D.C. is similar to the City of London, which is not governed by Great Britain and the Vatican, which is not governed by Italy. Each of these have their famous dome shaped buildings, perhaps not coincidentally.


Oddly enough, the Pentagon (Military) is located outside the official lines of the District of Columbia, and yet their post office addresses are named as being within the District of Columbia.

4. The U.S. Capitol appears to be built atop an unknown and mysterious pillared structure

The construction consulting company GEI, that in 2003 helped build the visitors center at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., shows an astonishing photo of excavation work. I’m putting a screenshot, directly from their website, here (as of today):


When I first saw this, I was surprised. I had never seen the Capitol Building this way. It felt like it’s underbelly had been stripped naked, revealing something unexpected. This is what it normally looks like, when there is no construction work:


Another angel of the excavated pillars below the Capitol:


What is that pillar structure below the Capitol entrance? What are those pillars below the…pillars? Some older building that the Capitol was built on top of? Some kind of hidden Temple? An ancient Government building? An unknown basement? I spent an hour searching online for a reasonable explanation and found none.

The page is, as far as I can tell, the only source for these images. More strangely, if you look at the pillars closely, you can see that they appear to be a continuation of the structures above, which are the stairs flanked by large cubes. It almost looks as if the Capitol building was at one point much higher and part of it had been buried underground. Or as if parts of the old structure had been broken away when a new one was built on top of it.


The pillars are not the only thing striking. The rest of the underground structure is covered but appears to be architecturally aligned with the structure above. Compare top and bottom in this area, for example. It is indented at the same spots the upper, visible part of the structure is indented.

Perhaps I am wrong or maybe this is just how the base of the building was built. But common sense would tell us that it’s too elaborate to be a base.

My curious self would like to know, but I didn’t find the original construction plans. I found a page that contains floor plans, including basement plans of the Capitol, but nothing pointing to this kind of depth and height shown by the columns. When I do a search on Capitol basement, I receive areas of a much lower ceiling. What you will find is that there are miles of tunnels below the Capitol, leading to other buildings in Washington DC, as well as a private subway system only used by members of Congress.



The Capitol building is the worlds most famous symbol of Democracy. Even if the mysterious structure below it turns out to have a mundane explanation: I bet you never guessed that this is what it looks like beneath.

It’s amazing how much you can see if you stop taking things for granted and have a closer look at them.


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