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TRY it yourself before getting an instructor.

Over the weekend, I taught myself fishing. I bought a fishing rod, bait worms, rod weights, a bobber, and a knife to prepare the fish. I had never been fishing before so I had to ask a store employee what I need.

I went to a lake in the woods. There were only three other people fishing there, at some distance.

It took a while before I learned how a fishing reel, and casting the line work. The line kept getting tangled up…once, twice, three times. It was frustrating. I had to cut it off and re-do everything over and over.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to have a friend or relative help me? Or take classes? Sure. But taking an instructor would have NOT activated my:



Common Sense

Sense of Physics

Motor Skills

Sense of Distance

Sense of Direction



Only through the trying, the doing, the experience of a thing are all these inner POWERS ACTIVATED. Powers that normally lie dormant in this pampered world of “smart” devices that do everything for you.

Did I catch any fish? No. After three hours the sun was setting and I quit. But after two hours a breakthrough: I knew how to cast the hook far into the lake. That made me HAPPY. Much happier than if someone had just told me how it works. Going through the process of trial and error to final success is what makes success enjoyable.

Next time I go, no time is wasted with tangled lines, I can get straight to catching fish. It will happen next time and it will be the first time I catch my own lunch.

I’m not saying you should never take classes or instruction. I do take coaching when I’ve reached the limits of my own ability. Let’s say I don’t catch fish the next three times I go. That means I’m missing something. Wrong bait? Wrong location? Wrong technique? I don’t know, I’ll need an instructor. But I’ll show up much more competent/experienced than if I hadn’t tried anything myself.




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