The Flu is NOT contagious if you don’t resonate

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Frederick Dodson

Here’s what the “scientific community” says about the Flu:

Experts agree and the research shows that flu is spread to others when people cough, sneeze or talk. The science is settled. Trust the science. 🙂

But here’s what I say about the Flu:

I have been around many who have had the flu. My wife currently has the flu. She’s had fever, coughing, sneezing, sniffing since four days. To prove my point, I don’t go away when someone is sick. I don’t practice “social distancing”, don’t wear a mask, don’t ask for one to be worn, don’t demand she get jabbed or take antibiotics. She can choose to treat it whichever way she likes. She drinks coffee in the morning. Later I see there’s some coffee leftover in her cup, and I drink the rest. She tells me to keep distance “just in case”, but I hug her anyway. I’m sitting beside her while she coughs. I don’t get the flu.

I haven’t always been this way. When I was younger I believed flu is contagious. I avoided the sick, refused shaking hands, kept at a distance. Often I got sick anyway. It was the belief-system that was making me sick. Later, when I had achieved slightly higher state of consciousness, I wasn’t getting sick anymore. It’s the “vibrating at a high frequency” that was keeping me healthy. A high mood. A good state. A healthy mentality. Emotional and physical well-being. Whatever you wish to call it.

I have dozens of example experiences of being around sick people and choosing not to get sick. And I have zero examples of falling victim to other’ s sickness after I chose to stay healthy. Honestly, not everyone wants to hear this because sickness is a major industry with great payoffs. Being a victim also comes with its perks. Non-victims rarely receive support or encouragement from their surroundings. Victims on the other hand, receive broad media-coverage, welfare, funding and torrential showers of compassion from all over the world.

I have never studied why I don’t get sick around sick people, but my best guess is that it’s about resonance, in the electrical sense. Resonance here means that when one thing moves, sounds or behaves in a certain way, anything similar nearby will begin moving, sounding or behaving in the same way. The two things, objects or people are then resonating. At a scale from 1 to 10, if I am vibrating at level 7, I do not resonate with experiences of level 2. If the flu vibrates at 2 and I vibrate at 7, I cannot catch the flu. I instead notice, attract, see and feel things in correspondence with my Level 7 reality. Yes – it’s the law of attraction that I’ve been talking about over the last thirty years. It works!

Certain frequencies can be induced by external gadgets and electromagnetic waves and fields. This is where we drift off from law-of-attraction-country into conspiracy-land. Even so, my experience is that if I vibrate high enough, it won’t affect me.

In the last days I have felt “the flu” trying to come on or gain access, but I’ve successfully warded it off. I’ve observed it starts as a low-feeling – in this case an undefined kind of sadness where I can’t find the thought creating it. These are states I normally don’t experience unless I’m in crowds of people. But while my wife was resonating with the flu, I experienced them, because we always resonate somewhat with people close to us.

After the low-feeling came a scratch in my throat. This is the attempted onset of the Flu. It could have also been a slight sniffing or cough. I observe it’s the “flu vibe”, for lack of a better term, trying to gain permission, seeing if I might resonate. It’s an offer I can refuse. I notice what’s happening and quickly pivot to something life-affirming. I stopped working, went offline and jumped into a cold outdoor pool. I guess mainstream advice would be against cold water. I’m not recommending it here, just making a point that I need to find something that makes me happy. After that, I sunbathed for 15 minutes. Then I took a walk around the neighborhood. After I returned, the scratch in the throat was gone, the undefined sadness had disappeared and I was back to my best self. As I write this, her flu is gone so I no longer need to defend my vibration as strongly.

Some say it’s not believable, controversial, an assault on everything they have ever learned, etc. How can a positive personal experience be controversial? These are personal experiences I can rely on. It’s important to know what to rely on. I prefer it to the superstitious belief that there is a virus that jumps from person to person. The fact that this upsets so many people just goes to show how far gone society is. But for the very few that want to know, I’ve dedicated my life to teaching higher levels of consciousness and reality creation.

Millions of pages of academic jargon cannot distract from the fact that there is no visual evidence of a virus floating around, jumping from one person to another. “What are you saying, Fred? That everyone is wrong and you’re right? All of these studies, universities, hospitals, doctors, scientists are wrong and you’re right? What about Penicillin? Should we get rid of that too and let people die horrible deaths because of quacks like you?”

No. Of course not. They are right. Within a materialist-universe, a non-consciousness, non-spirit context. If there is no such thing as human resonance, higher consciousness, human vibration, electromagnetic-self then I will automatically resonate with whatever I am surrounded by. Then there is contagion. Contagion is a reality. There’s positive and negative contagion. There’s chemical contagion and emotional contagion. But from the perspective of the spiritual-self, you can elevate yourself not to resonate with your surroundings. I’m not saying “they are wrong”, I am saying “there’s more to discover”. They readily admit that “most diseases can’t be cured”, so why not look beyond mere biochemistry? Sometimes it feels like new research stopped 80 years ago with the discovery of Penicillin. Healthcare then went from researching to assuming everything is only a matter of biochemistry. But healthcare is more. I am living evidence of that, as are many other people who just “somehow” tend not to get sick that easily.

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