Flat Earth or Globe? A remote viewing experiment

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Three months ago I posted this on my Twitter account:


Three months are over and I have not experienced a clear view of earth from high above, the experiment has not succeeded. To solve this mystery, I’m going to have to change my approach, but for now I’m shelving the topic.


Every night while falling asleep, I imagined floating upwards slowly. First above the body, then the roof, then neighborhood, town, state, country and above the clouds.

The most challenging part of remote viewing is not perception, it’s getting rid of all the external thoughts. After the tweet I promptly received videos, book links, article links and images from people insisting that the earth is either flat or a globe.

But that’s not how intuitive people operate. We wish to experience something, not believe what we’re told. Pre-loading distractes from real perception.

Half the time I wasn’t remote viewing, I was letting go of imagery that was being “offered” and “suggested” by my mind, based on things seen in the past. The mind is of limited use. If it’s properly programmed, it’s a useful filing cabinet that can recall data. But if it’s filled with nonsense, it’ll output nonsense. To bypass false programming, one must see with the heart, the soul, the inner eyes. This Video is useful in explaining the limits of mind:


I did receive flashes of intuition about the nature of Earth. I received dreams. I received hunches. But none that I could verify.

To verify, I’d have to take an extremely high altitude rocket or plane. Science says that the curvature can be seen beginning at 35 000 feet (10 668 meters), but normal passenger planes go that high and I’ve taken many trans-continental trips without ever seeing a curve.

The military knows for sure whether the earth is flat or a globe:

Despite the facts stated in the image above, a Google Search on “how high can military fly” brings back a response that their highest is 50 000 feet. Even now, in 2023 they are still deceptive on the subject. How can anyone claim with certainty “globe” or “flat” with this much deception clouding sincere research?

An important realization: I shouldn’t have offered to do this remote-viewing experiment because I don’t have the tools to verify. Remote viewing without verification is empty.

I experienced some of this knowledge-blockage during my remote viewing. I seemed to be hitting a veil or black wall. Our realm appears to be psychically shielded from people like me trying to fly up there and have a look.

Even the super-rich are blocked from certain heights.

Richard Branson joins a long line of Billionaires and Companies that have promised they will take tourists (normal, everday people) to space only to fail. Why?

I went to look at a few people who have used Balloons to send their GoPro Cameras up into space. Such as this:

Except on Cameras using fisheye-lens there is usually no curvature found on the thousands of self-made GoPro Videos out there. This one shows the 100 00o feet view, which is well above the 35 000 feet allegedly needed to see the curve.

Even so, such Videos don’t constitute “proof” of anything to me because I haven’t experienced it myself.

After two weeks of attempted remote viewing a dream came to me during sleep. Dreams can bypass filters and veils put in place at lower levels. I was in a strange place in the Antarctic, riding a vehicle on a gravel road. There was no ice or snow. A tour guide was driving and explaining all the areas that are “for researchers only”, not for civilians. There was no snow or ice. To both sides of the gravel road there was an elevation somewhat higher than the vehicle. And then a bit further in, there were gigantic walls of a dark blue color. These walls on either side went on as far as the eye could see. The dark blue walls were smooth and of unknown material but somewhat resembling blue marble as pictured below.

The walls on both sides were straight vertical and smoothly polished, unlike anything seen before. Atop the first elevation on both sides stood large diamond shaped objects of the same material. The diamond shaped objects were about five times as tall as the humans. People wearing helmets and construction gear were walking along side the wall, between the diamond shapes and the wall. Around the diamonds there were hollows and holes as if they had been dug out.

The vehicle drove to a facility on top of the gigantic walls so that the whole area could be viewed from there. There was a gigantic construction vehicle made of metal and rubber. It was the size of a mall. It was unlike anything we know. I felt the tour guide is hiding something, not at all straightforward.

There was a vast plain as far as the eye could see. I was made to understand that only few humans see this place, possibly some unknown land beyond our known “antarctic”.

The dream inspired me to look into and write this article: Do we live in a Crater?  where I explore the “neither flat nor globe” idea,but both: Earth may be a flat surface inside a crater that’s on a larger globe.

I had never seen or pictured what I saw in that dream, which could point to real perception.

During the two weeks of trying to remote view, I had several other perceptions but I don’t wish to share them here because they may or may not be true. A lot of strange information “came my way” during this time. Anything you focus on, begins to reveal stuff about it.

Even though most of my hunches turn out to be true, I’m none the wiser on this topic. I can still find the truth on this in the future and if I do, I’ll share. I’m not interested in receiving video-links as “proof”, I’m interested in personal experience only. 

Yes, all things are knowable and I will know this one for sure, but it may take a little longer. Or, someone invites me atop a high-altitude vehicle and I experience for myself. I’ll send that intention out right away.

If anyone else has tried to remote view this, please comment below this article shared on my Twitter account. 

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