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Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Dear Powers that be,

I’m trying to be a responsible citizen and follow all of your Covid-rules, but with all due respect, you need to get your story straight. Otherwise the sheep are going to get suspicious.

For example, your recent headlines about Maggie Keenan being the first person to take the brand new Covid vaccine. This woman was already featured in October as being the first person to get a vaccine shot. When I wrote the first draft of this article a week, ago, the video was available on this page. Today, I’m looking over this article again, and the video has been removed from the page. It was a Video featuring Maggie Keenan and the announcers words “the first coronavirus vaccine to the UK”. The Video was uploaded October 22, 2020, long before it was widely announced that there would be a vaccine and that it would be delivered to the UK and that the first person to receive it would be Maggie Keenan. Removing a video that was seen by Millions, makes you look even more guilty.



As a citizen of the world with little access to quality-information, what are we supposed to think? Did Maggie get the first vaccine shot, twice? Or was the whole thing filmed and prepared well in advance of public announcement? Is she a paid actress posing in a staged event?

Get your story straight, it’s embarrassing!

And what of the footage you showed us from China, way back in March 2020, when Coronavirus first broke out? It was horrifying. People foaming at the mouth, shaking and collapsing in the middle of the streets. Infected Nurses violently convulsing in their hospitals. And then, a whole city emptied as people in space-suits carpet sprayed the whole place.  Whatever happened to that? Why haven’t we seen those kind of events ever since?

Why didn’t that script make it overseas? Where were the foaming-at-the-mouth street-collapsing people in Italy and New York? Were these paid actors playing out scenes meant to instill fear?

In movie-making, this is called “error in continuity”. It’s when the next scene or episode is not consistent with the previous one. This is why professional movie making has special staff that take care of continuity.

Dear powers that be, you could have solved this weird incongruency by saying that the virus got weaker as it travelled to other countries. But you didn’t want to say that, because it wouldn’t have scared enough people into submission, right? The death statistics for the U.S. in 2020 are no more or less than any other year. That’s a fact.

Granted, maybe your virus is real. But perhaps it’s being exaggerated so that you can exploit it for some ulterior agenda?

I wonder why Covid so rapidly declined in China that only a few months later you had stadiums packed with hundreds of thousands of people, giving no care about social distancing – while the rest of the world went into second and third lockdowns?

Is China ever going to be held accountable for faking their Covid Data, as seen in this article and this one? I’m not asking for sanctions, but at the very least there could have been formal condemnations. Why were numbers downplayed in China and spiked in other countries?

Why are you giving us rules that are far more damaging than the virus itself? If Coronavirus only kills the elderly (but even then, in rare cases), why not focus on the protection of the elderly, rather than putting hundreds of millions of people out of Business? You know that the combo of poverty and lack of social contact, is much more damaging than this virus. Why is your global messaging ignoring the successful path the Swedes took in having no lockdowns, instead protecting the elderly?

Are you testing how easy it is to make people comply? Is this some kind of mass-scale social experiment? We have given up the two pillars of human well-being: Social Community and Economy. I’m amazed that you got most people to comply that easily. Very impressive.

But I think you’re getting lazy and people are starting to notice discrepancies. I was at first on the fence, but the more I see, the more I am becoming a Covid-skeptic.


Figuring out that something bogus is going on, is not rocket science.

I’m willing to believe that our scientists and politicians know what they are doing for the well-being of all. But as of late, your laws and measures have become so heavy-handed, they make me doubt your good intentions.

Is it true that flu rates are down by 98% this winter, as widely claimed? I don’t know. I don’t trust anything I read online. But I could imagine it’s true because I was told by a nurse in a local hospital, that all cases of flu are to be treated as cases of Covid, “just in case”. When I asked to speak to the person who said that (and get a recording of it!), the nurse asked me not to because she would “get in trouble”. That’s one of those little real-life episodes that make you scratch your head.

A few months ago I was walking in the fields, when I came upon a hiking couple. One of them had passed out from a sun stroke. I was asked to call an Ambulance. When I called the Ambulance, I was asked at least 5 questions or more relating to Covid, before I could state my reason for calling. “Do you have respiratory problems?” – “Have you had contact with anyone who has had Covid?” – “Are you in Self-Quarantine?” It was as if they had gotten their hospital staff to treat everything as potential Covid. For goodness sake! I thought. I could be calling about an emergency, but they didn’t care about my reason for calling, all they cared about is robotically asking me about Covid! The incident upset me. If people are being this robotic, something is amiss. Robotic behavior stems from intense fear-programming. People with good intentions do not use fear-programming.

Why are the reported cases in this instance (Ontario, Canada), skyrocketing, but not the cases of death? Why are false-positives reported by the thousands, on a daily basis? Why were there so many countries where Covid first broke out in nursing homes, as if planted there?

And what’s with the radically draconian push for mandatory vaccination? Just one example: Qantas airlines says that you won’t be able to travel if you don’t get the vaccine.

What has gotten into these people? If you are vaccinated, you should have nothing to fear from those who aren’t vaccinated, right? Shouldn’t it be every persons responsibility what they put into their body? Should a Corporation or Government decide what you must put into your body? Isn’t it my body? Aren’t you pro-choice?

I wish your talking points on Covid, would make sense.

You say lockdowns work, yes? So if lockdowns worked before, why do we need another one? Doesn’t the fact that you need another and yet another lockdown, prove that the previous lockdowns didn’t work? And if they didn’t work, what makes you think another one will work?

Heavy-handed measures that defy reason and civil rights, make us wonder and view politicians with skepticism. A friend of mine, who disagrees with my views on Covid, says that the lockdowns are good for the environment, they are healing the world. Was that the plan? If so, it’s poorly executed.

I’m sorry that many have come to believe that others are to blame for their state of health. “Because someone is not following the rules, we all suffer”. I’ve seen a lot of otherwise smart and educated people post that. But it’s classic totalitarian thought, a concept used by some of the most inhumane dictatorships n History. The motto is also used by organized crime gangs. “Because someone is not following the rules, we all suffer”. At first sight, this tribal thought makes perfect sense. Why does a whole group have to suffer, just because one person is acting up? Fortunately we have laws. But as soon as the “rules” are made up based on fear rather than reason, it turns into:

“Give up your job, your freedom of movement, your freedom of speech, your freedom of association, your family and friends…otherwise I’ll get sick”.

The better approach is this: You are responsible for your health, I’m responsible for mine. If you are fearful about your health, stay inside – but don’t force me to. Do you really want to legislate that everyone else gives up their lives because of your private worries? If you’re fearful for your health, get vaccinated, but don’t force me to.

I’m not afraid of Covid, because I’ve been paying attention. I’ve seen the “grown-ups” who are mandating lockdowns, flouting their own lockdown rules. We have seen police officers who are not wearing masks, arresting others for wearing masks. I have seen police officers defying laws and NOT enforcing Covid rules. On the other side, I have seen some breaking into peoples homes in SWAT Gear and full body armor just to stop a social gathering. I have seen Italian nurses wearing space-suit like gear and the camera accidentally picking up nearby people not wearing that gear.

The Virus is no probably no Hoax, but the reaction to it is. It’s an overreaction. For what? I don’t know. Probably the usual: Power and Money. Mass-fear-programming always goes back to some megalomaniacs agenda. As for your vaccine: I might take it. I might not. What’s it to you? But if it’s forced upon me, I will certainly not take it.

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