Fasting – A cure for mental illness

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Frederick Dodson

I just completed a 10 day fast. The first two days were a little rough, but after that it was easy.

I also took a 10 day break from coffee. I had been drinking coffee every morning for more than a year. I was told that I’d “get a headache”.

But that’s just another thought. There was no headache. People keep offering their thoughts, but many of them are just that: Thoughts, not facts. Buying into such a thought can cause headache.

I also thought fasting from social media would be harder. It was easy. There’s no difference to sitting on my porch staring at nature vs. being online and writing. Both are mildly pleasant activities but no “must”.

Did you know that Fasting as a cure for mental illness (that’s not why I fasted, I’m quite happy with my mental derangement)?

I was told this was the “old school psychiatric treatment in Russia”. Instead of injecting a lifelong subscription of drugs, as in the West, the Russians locked the patient up without food for a week. I’m told the patients only received distilled water. This method had the highest success rate of all.

It sounds cruel to lock someone up for a week. But is it any less cruel than addicting people to pills-for-life?

My own experience with fasting is that it makes your body generate it’s own energy and healing. The longer I fasted, the lighter I felt.

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