Extraterrestrial Linguistics

and the Secret of Human Origins

Are Aliens Us?

Does humanity originate from outer space?

Why have we forgotten who we are and where we are from?

What is the common language of all humanity and can it be used to solve many ancient mysteries?

What are the linguistic secrets of ancient German, Basque, Estonian, Maori and Aboriginal Australian?

What is the real purpose of the Pyramids?

What is our relation to the Pleiades?

Is the Voynich Manuscript really undecipherable?

Why has the CIA secretly published books on Aliens?

Where to fairies really come from?

Answers to these strange questions and many other unique things are revealed in this trailblazing and meticulously researched book.

I present my new book Extraterrestrial Linguistics with a sense of Joy because I have discovered things not known or taught anywhere else. They will shatter many of the assumptions we have had about the “mysteries” of human origins and ancient civilizations. I truly believe that this book is ahead of its time and will become more appreciated as time passes and we learn more.

You can read a sample excerpt from the book HERE: On the Sexual Misconduct of Ancient “Aliens”.

Excerpt from the Audiobook

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