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May 8, 2018
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May 11, 2018

An Experiment with 528 Hz Music

A lot has been said about the miraculous and magical powers of music recorded at 528 Hz. Being in a positive state most o the time, I never paid much attention to these ideas because there was no need for them. Nor will I explain the concept here, if you do not know about it, you can do an Internet Search or read this basic article.

In the past, when I tried some o the 528 Hz "Love Frequency" music, it did nothing for me. Sometimes it made me sleepy, so I disregarded it for years. However, frequent asking about it from students who had read my book "Levels of Energy" led me to finally experiment, to see "if there is anything to it".

I spend a lot of time at airports, which nowadays, have a generally negative vibe. This is partially do to the dissonant noise coming from all over the place. Aiports still havent figured out that you dont have to announce every single flight and seating arrangement to every single section of the airport. You could limit announcements for one flight, to the boarding gate of that flight. Apparently they also havent figured out that 5 types pieces of "music" (can pay-for-play pop music really be considered music?) booming from 5 different shops at the same time does not sound or feel good. This sonically unpleasant environment would prove a perfect experimentation ground for 528 Hz music.

Today, while sitting at Los Angeles international airport, I played this piece of chanting for 3 hours on my headphones.

And lo and behold, I felt an upsurge of my heart-chakra, an uplift of my energy and an increase of compassion like rarely before. It worked! I could even appreciate belligerent TSA Security Officials, screaming babies and impatient crowds with ease!

And it seemed to work better than other types of chanting I had also tried at airports. The effects were so obvious this time, because of the contrast to my comparatively low state of mind. Apparently I had not experienced any effects in the past because I was already in a higher vibration when trying these recordings. Hence, I got sleepy instead of refreshed. But in a lower state and surrounded by noise and chaos, it worked wonders. I hereby, at the very least, recommend some sonic shielding in airports and airplanes. It could very well be that some of that "jetlag" is due to bad sonic vibe.

I dont know what to make of this from a technical viewpoint. I tend not to spend much time researching because I believe in experimenting and that the "proof is in the pudding". If something works, then I dont have to research why it works. I can feel its effects instantly. I know next to nothing about music or sound frequencies. All I know is that the radio music played in every restaurant, taxi and shop gets annoying after a while and then there is music that soothes and elevates. Based on my experience today, I'll be sure to look into 528 Hz more deeply though.