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Expand Your Senses Beyond the World

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

“If you were a fish in an aquarium, your field of awareness wouldn’t expand beyond a few inches in the water. You probably wouldn’t even know you are in an aquarium and a slave to whoever comes to purchase you for their home. Some parent might walk in and buy you for the entertainment of their child. Expand your awareness and you might have an awakening and realize you are actually in an aquarium.

And you’d communicate to your fellow fish that there is a whole “higher realm” out there. A much more expanded place. Greater beings living outside of the water! But they won’t understand you, if their awareness hasn’t expanded to that point yet. You will have found out that staying above water for a while is hazardous to your health. The best way out for now, is by leaving your fish-body and travelling by spirit.

Now you experience the whole pet shop. It’s such a mysterious and gigantic place. And there are a lot of strange beings there. Some nice, some horrifying. But you have not yet expanded to a point where you realize that the pet shop is only a small part of all that is. As you grow in consciousness you become aware that it’s in a building and that this building is one of many. And then one day outside of the pet shop you see a tree. It is beautiful and has a scent you have never smelled before. That’s as far as you get for now so you return to your aquarium and tell of an awesome place called heaven.

Some of us are like this fish. We are aware of a little more than the aquarium, but much less than all-there-is”.

Quoted from the book “Levels of Heaven and Hell
by Frederick Dodson

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