How to exit the Matrix

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

There is an experiment where a glass plate is put into a fish tank, confining the fish to one side of the tank. The plate is left for some time. Once it’s removed, the fish generally stay on their side of the tank. They act as if the limitation is still there, even though it’s been lifted.

In another experiment, gnats are put in a jar that’s then covered for some time. When you remove the cover, most gnats stay in the jar. They no longer consider that there is a world outside of the jar. Not all gnats stay. A few very daring, pioneering gnats leave. But 97% of them have successfully been conditioned to stay inside.

Similar with many other animals and unfortunately in humans too.

Adventurous beings have an awareness of “something beyond”, they intuitively sense that there is a greater context outside of their immediate perception or belief-system. Either that, or they have an education and knowledge that is different from the others. Humans are born free. In many, this freedom is subverted through societal conditioning. The external conditioning is later internalized and the limitation self-imposed. If one is operating from mind rather than soul, then all I have to do is impose a limitation long and often enough so that you then impose it on yourself. This is why, after politicians stopped mask-mandates in their countries, many continued to wear them in the belief that they are being good citizens and “keeping others safe”. It is for the same reason people stay in unfulfilling jobs or abusive relationships. Subconsciously, they say “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!” It’s the fear-based outlook. Some go as far as saying the lid on the jar is what keeps them safe! Authoritarian rulers always suspend the freedom of their citizens under the guise of “safety”. But the safety is illusory. I know of an airport where they check millions of passengers for weapons, but forget to check what the staff brings on board. When you slip on a banana peel or get cancer, of what use is a flu shot? The only real safety is found in things that are eternal.

You leave the low frequency matrix, by keeping aware of what is outside of the jar, outside of the glass plate, outside of the box, outside of the current context. In life, there are many things you get immersed into, and that’s great. But often you get so very INTO something, you forget anything outside of it. Having achieved that, you soon find yourself in a bigger box. The gnat that escapes the jar, is then in a room. There is no reason to then spend the rest of your life in the bigger box, congratulating yourself on having left the jar. You keep expanding. When you go beyond the house you’re in a bigger context called neighborhood. Then the town. Then bigger and bigger, until you stretch beyond the cosmos itself. It may feel scary to go beyond, but soon you familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Once you’re completely comfortable, it’s time to expand awareness again.

But isn’t it dangerous to keep going into the unknown? Aren’t I much safer in the confines of my home than wandering around in the wilderness at night?


But if you think that way, you’ll never grow. A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

I’m not advising that you should always be going into the unknown, but that there are phases of rest and comfort and phases of expansio. Life wasn’t meant to be static. The maTricks is about lulling you into a sense of settling-for-less, as in “there isn’t any more out there, this is it. Enjoy it”. Flow is finding the balance with being content with things as they are, but still expanding to include more. It’s nice inside the jar, but let’s go check what’s beyond it. We can always return to the jar if we really miss it.

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