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Everything “bad” that happened to me was good in the long run

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

If you are upset, you are only seeing a small scene of the movie, not the whole. The Universe is an apparatus of absolute genius and moves everything to your best. That’s why all bad that has ever happened to be, was for the good – in the long run. At first it didn’t seem, look or sound good, but from a sky-perspective, every tragedy, drama, problem and challenge thrown my way was just what I needed to grow and be happier. Just a few examples:

  • My car once broke down on the way to the airport. I missed my flight. The flight crashed, killing most passengers. I didn’t get upset about the car breaking down, though. Why not? Because it happened at a time in my life, when I already knew that everything happens to our favor. There is a good reason things happen. 
  • At age 26 I had my first “heartbreak”, when my girlfriend left me. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could happen and that the good life was over. Today I realize just how lucky I am that she left me. Had I stayed with her, I wouldn’t have met my soulmate. I would be with a woman, who, in retrospect, is not my type in any way.  How delusional we are to assume that the things happening to us are “bad”.
  • Once, all the money I had made and saved up through life had been stolen from me. I had to start all over. At the time, I thought that was really unfair and “bad”. Today I realize that it liberated me from dependence on money. I remembered that the goal was never money, it was spending the day as I wish, with who I wish and speaking my mind freely. That’s what it was about!

I learned a new word the other day – Pronoia. That’s the belief that the world is secretly conspiring in your favor. It’s the opposite of Paranoia. That’s my new favorite word, because it’s exactly how I feel.

People think that 2020 was the “worst” year ever, because of all the lockdowns and the threat of a virus. But I see it as one of the BEST years ever, because more people than EVER are finally asking the right questions about Government, Civil Rights, Freedom, Community and Health. Have there ever been this many people researching, debating, learning about the world we live in? Sometimes it takes a crisis to awaken.

When something “bad” happens to you, it’s the Universe saying “wait and see, before you get upset. Wait and see”.

Based on all this, did you know there is a way to reduce the occurrence of “negative events”? Yes, you can influence your reality.

How? Well, looking back at your life, you’ll notice that the “negative” events were there to teach you a lesson and correct your course. So if you do not want “bad” things to happen, then don’t require correction. Relax so that you can listen to your heart. Follow your heart (the gentle inner voice that tells you right from wrong, authentic from fake, really-you from posing) and you’ll be on the right path. Then Life won’t have to make up tragedy and drama to remind you of following your heart.

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