Essays on Creating Reality

A collection of unique articles on reality creation, raising your level of consciousness, empowered living, increasing wealth, success and ability as published throughout the Internet in the year 2017 by Frederick Dodson, all collected into one easily accessible Volume.

Some excerpts from the Audiobook

Table of Contents


  1. What I learned from my first flying lessons
  2. Why I predicted a Trump win one year before
  3. Respect Yourself
  4. Do you have to deserve it to manifest it?
  5. Anti-Ageing Cream doesn’t work, Consciousness Shifting Does
  6. An exercise in Deliberate Folly
  7. Harvard Study: Exercise works if you believe it does
  8. Excessive Perception of Injustice and Lack of Integrity go together
  9. How to Influence People
  10. Things Just Keep Getting Better
  11. Weather Modification vs Modification of Consciousness
  12. Are you giving too much or too little?
  13. Fertility and Pregnancy Coaching
  14. Secrets of Sleeping and Waking
  15. Why it’s good to remember names
  16. Reality Distortions
  17. Do Yourself what you’d like others to do
  18. Your many Identities vs. Your True Self
  19. What Google Autocomplete tells us about our Level of Consciousness
  20. Why advertisers target children who aren’t even born yet
  21. How to stop spirits from knocking on Walls
  22. How to dissolve negative Emotions
  23. Hosted by Angels
  24. Feel more deeply, manifest more quickly
  25. Intuition Flows through Innocence
  26. How rejection can be used for self-improvement
  27. Three Types of People
  28. An exercise to quickly boost your assertiveness
  29. Happiness does not come from Energy Drinks
  30. How to attract more customers than you can ever handle
  31. Success is so easy, it’s almost comical
  32. How to Influence the Subconscious with Music
  33. How a movie role was manifested in two weeks
  34. How a BMW Z4 was manifested without paying for it
  35. Authentic Dating and Flirting
  36. The Biggest Secret in the Universe
  37. Break out of the Dull Circles of Life
  38. The Hidden Roots of Success
  39. Fake Glamour vs. Peak Experiences
  40. Creating A Confident and Magnetic Personality
  41. Letting Go of Needing Attention and Approval
  42. Improve Your Sports by Softening Your Focus
  43. The Standards you Set, Create Your Reality
  44. The Problem with Motivational Seminars
  45. How the Needy Pretend to be Needless

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