Essays on Creating Reality 7

A collection of articles written by Frederick Dodson in 2022.

Table of Contents

  1. Experience more deeply
  2. Your blessings are always more than your troubles
  3. Let go of negative beliefs even if they are true
  4. What comes to you already belonged to you
  5. Covid-Endgame: The Barcode Tattoo (and why it won’t succeed)
  6. How China secretly runs America
  7. Have Masuru Emoto’s experiments on water been replicated?
  8. My adventurous escape from Covid-Madness
  9. Take a lot of medium-level risks
  10. University Study: Visible Light Radiated from the Heart
  11. Abolish Public Schooling
  12. My adventurous escape from Covid Madness–Part 2
  13. Transcend the rigidity of the mind
  14. Suffering is not “God’s will”
  15. Greetings from the Free State of Florida
  16. The Liquid Sky
  17. The real-life power that comes from authenticity
  18. Covid is a Scam – for the sake of your wellness, please wake up!
  19. The more real you get, the more fake the world looks
  20. When animals talk
  21. You have more power than you know
  22. How to exit the matrix
  23. How beliefs interact with reality
  24. High and low consciousness music
  25. I sing in an invented language
  26. Life–a loving creation or simulation?
  27. How I gained and lost 25 pounds in just a few weeks
  28. What life looks like from a higher realm
  29. Are we heading toward dystopia or utopia?
  30. Self-testing so-called toxic vs. organic products
  31. Challenge yourself before life challenges you
  32. My house was bugged, but I thought it was a Ghost
  33. Three types of people: the victim, the rescuer and the sovereign individual
  34. There’s a good reason for everything
  35. Screen-world creates delusions, real life experience creates success
  36. Do symbols have an effect on the body?
  37. Uncovering Deception as an awareness exercise
  38. How humanity is tricked into powerlessness
  39. When you’re stuck in a rut of “success”


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