Essays on Creating Reality 6

These are collected articles written by Frederick Dodson in 2020 and 2021. The range of topics is broader than ever: Social Psychology, Man-Made Flying Saucers, the law of attraction, entity-possession, health improvement and false-flag terror, just to name a few. You will notice that the articles on Covid, even though outdated, accurately predict what later happened.

Table of Contents

  1. For more success, ignore mainstream advice
  2. That magical flow state where time slows down and space stretches
  3. The space in which thoughts arise
  4. Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you
  5. Without losing, there is no winning
  6. Bringers of the Dawn
  7. How Reality Creation was used to escape imprisonment
  8. A Time for Civil Disobedience
  9. Happy-Go-Lucky Investment
  10. Identity Shifting, Multiple Personality Disorder or Possession?
  11.  Human Made Flying Saucers
  12. The military is running parallel Earth and mirror Earth simulators
  13. Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness
  14. On the sexual misconduct of ancient “aliens”
  15. The Mandela Effect and Reality Creation
  16.  The U.S. owns patents for flying saucers that can travel air, land and water
  17. Four Amazing things about Washington D.C. you didn’t learn in school
  18. The many fake selves and the real self
  19. Why it’s empowering to talk less
  20. Why are terror attacks simulated in training exercises before they happen? 
  21.  The incomparable
  22. Treat people like they are healthy, not like they are sick
  23. Stages of Psychosocial Development
  24. Will extraterrestrial contact cause mass hysteria or mass awakening?
  25. Everything “bad” that happened to me was good in the long run
  26. Think for Yourself
  27. Social Media is a bit of a scam
  28. What you see in others is within yourself
  29. Releasing Food Addiction through Intermittent Fasting
  30. Atheists are Secret Believers
  31. A vaccine against Fear
  32. The world is a mirror
  33. Acting like a Millionaire costs you $0
  34. Every person, place or thing has a hidden side
  35. The weird reason I don’t support Human Cloning
  36. A 30 Day Challenge for improved mental and physical fitness
  37. Is it possible for others to control your mind?
  38.  Apathy attracts Conspiracy
  1. The Cringe Exercise–A Practice for Transcending Self Importance
  2. Much of Reality is Make-Believe
  3. The Power of Speaking Boldly
  4. I’ll tell you a secret about Donald Trumps mother
  5. The mystery of 1000 years missing from Galleria Umberto
  6. When is it time to let go vs. try harder?
  7. How you can help the world regain freedom
  8. Why does radio music sound the same? Because it’s all by the same guy.
  9. Another “virgin” of yourself. A true and funny story. 
  10. The manipulation of familiarity and attachment needs
  11. The Power of Secret Giving

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