Essays on Creating Reality – Book 5

Collected articles, blog-posts and essays on reality creation, consciousness and society by Frederick Dodson in 2020.

Table of Contents

  1. Top 7 Reasons to Reduce Smartphone Usage
  2. Advantages of Handwriting
  3. The Value of Values
  4. How to Smoothly Dissolve a Pattern of Behavior
  5. You don’t need to “perform” to be loved.
  6. Emotional Freedom is to Integrate what you Feel
  7. How to Be More Assertive
  8. How some thrive while others go out of Business
  9. Healing in Silence
  10. People grow the most quickly when you let them BE
  11. How to Create a New State in 10 Minutes
  12. Are Humans Being Grown and Harvested?
  13. It feels good to give people right of way
  14. You don’t need that much entertainment
  15. Some Coronavirus Reactions are more dangerous than the Virus itself
  16. Nutrition and Energy Levels
  17. Return on Energy Investment
  18. Not the Head, but your Chest is your Center
  19. The Cholesterol Myth as an Example of Mass Falsehood
  20. Was Bitcoin created by the CIA?
  21. How to create an unstoppable team
  22. Is there an Oversoul that occupies several bodies across the world?
  23. Having Fun with Embarrassment
  24. Improve your State in One Minute
  25. Stay in the Question
  26. How to Handle Difficult People
  27. How many people return their shopping carts?
  28. Navigating the Maze of Life
  29. How social media and search-engines “edit” reality
  30. Pre-Charge your Energy Battery
  31. I do not consent to Covid Collectivism
  32. Can conscious intention change the weather?
  33. Covid, artificial stress and mass-reactance
  34. Our Home
  35. Never-Ending Improvement
  36. The Virtue Continuum
  37. Life is a crazy school to help you raise your consciousness
  38. If something is good, it doesn’t have to be Mandatory
  39. What Retro-Futurism teaches us about creating reality
  40. Why employees weed out people who are too intelligent
  41. Synergy Mindstorming
  42. Human-Made Flying Saucers
  43. The military is running Parallel Earth and Mirror Earth Simulators
  44. A conscious approach to Alzheimers
  45. Fear of Covid-19 caused by lies and inattentiveness

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