Essays on Creating Reality – Book 4

This book is a collection of lectures, articles and essays on Reality Creation and Consciousness during the year 2019. All articles address the underlying metaphysical principles of how reality works and how success is attracted and maintained, as exemplified in a vast array of topics. May this book be educative, fun and enlightening to all who own it.


  1. After every experience, there is an energy to be held or released.
  2. It’s not about the money
  3. Healing Car Accident Trauma
  4. You do not need “The System” to create the reality you prefer
  5. Would you like to be right or be free?
  6. What the TV Show Westworld reveals about consciousness
  7. Miracles are normal
  8. Being Everywhere and Nowhere
  9. The woman who swims with sharks
  10. Breaking Social Etiquette
  11. How to know Everything about Anything
  12. It’s not about Social Class, it’s about Levels of Consciousness
  13. You are the person you have been waiting for
  14. Are you living from the mind or the soul?
  15. The More Disillusioned You Get, the Better things Get
  16. Get Out of the Box
  17. How to Stop Reducing Yourself
  18. Monitoring Yourself vs. Spontaneous Being
  19. Career and Purpose
  20. How Homicide and Suicide affect Consciousness and the Afterlife
  21. Everything corresponds to everything else
  22. There was a time you wanted this
  23. Put Your Mind on a Diet
  24. Donald Trump’s Consciousness Level
  25. How to know when it’s time to move on
  26. The Secret of Belief-Wrappers
  27. Levels of Reality
  28. You are creating every thought right this moment. 
  29. Humor as a Sign of High Consciousness
  30. Are you stuck in a time loop?
  31. Most of the Things Happening are invisible
  32. Use your Power with Compassion
  33. Fake Peace vs. Real Peace
  34. Moving Objects with the Mind – Neural Interfaces and Consciousness
  35. What’s the best way to deal with lies?
  36. Successful people can see beyond their own opinions
  37. Drawing someone’s Soul
  38. The man who energized water and invented flying saucers
  39. Living Out Parallel Lives in Dreams
  40. The Value of Values
  41. More on Personal Will vs. Divine Will
  42. Wholehearted Commitment and Manifestation

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