Essays on Creating Reality – Book 3

This book is a collection of lectures, articles and essays on Reality Creation and Consciousness during the year 2018 and 2019. All articles address the underlying metaphysical principles of how reality works and how success is attracted and maintained, as exemplified in a vast array of topics. May this book be educative, fun and enlightening to all who own it.

An excerpt from the Audiobook



Table of Contents


  1. Don’t force it, become attractive to it
  2. 10 Things you don’t have to apologize for
  3. Why some people who face certain death, experience Bliss
  4. Promotion vs. Attraction
  5. Success Trajectories
  6. The Healing Power of Cuteness
  7. Ten Futuristic Realities most are unaware already exist
  8. Treat each other like Royalty
  9. The Center of Infinity
  10. One problem is replaced by another until it’s solved by its root
  11. Self-Made Holy Water and Energy Drinks
  12. Intensity Levels of Love
  13. The Fire and Ice Exercise
  14. How the mind distorts reality and how to see clearly
  15. When things and people look exactly as you imagined they would
  16. The Four-Way-Focusing Technique
  17. Surround Yourself with Good People
  18. An exercise in Timelessness
  19. How to Exercise Choice in a World of Fake Options
  20. How Excellence builds Confidence and Crazy Success
  21. If you don’t like work, you haven’t found the right work
  22. If you don’t know about it, you don’t see it
  23. The urge to reward appreciative people
  24. Beyond Fight, Flight or Freeze
  25. How to Be More Creative
  26. The Power of Research
  27. Free from the Prison of the Mind
  28. Things You Discover While Stargazing
  29. Healing Shame
  30. How to give negative Feedback in a positive way
  31. Embracing and Releasing the Inner Child
  32. The Wisdom of Meister Eckhart
  33. Healing Tension
  34. How Attention is Manipulated in the World
  35. The Wisdom of Shams of Tabriz
  36. The difference between psychic and intuitive
  37. What I learned from fasting once a week
  38. Before Leaving, Be Free Right where you are Now
  39. How I know YOU are at a Higher Level of Consciousness
  40. Why an “imperfect” human Being is preferable to a genetically designed one
  41. How the Flu was miraculously healed in 3 Minutes

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