Essays on Creating Reality – Book 2

This book is a collection of creative output on my website during the year 2018. They are articles, essays and video transcripts all of which address the underlying metaphysical principles of how reality works and how success is attracted and maintained, as exemplified in a vast array of topics. May this book be educative, fun and enlightening to all who own it.

Excerpts from the Audiobook


1 A Blessing in Disguise When a Wish Doesn’t Come True?

2 Conscious Shopping to Stop Hypnotic Persuasion

3 Do Houses Have Consciousness

4 How Energy is Gained at Different Conscious Levels

5 Conspiracy Theories and Levels of Consciousness

6 The Lifecycle of Civilizations

7 The Power of Self-Sufficiency

8 How Permanent Ideal Body Weight was Manifested

9 How to Succeed at Running a Restaurant

10 The Power of Definitive Communication

11 Kindness – The Underestimated Power

12 How to Overcome Screen Addiction

13 Let Go of Waiting

14 Do You Really Think Google is for Free

15 Just Say No to Gossip

16 Your Doppelganger in the Astral Dreamscape

17 An Experiment in 528 Hz Music

18 Turn Off Your Wi-Fi to Improve Sleep and Dream Quality

19 How to Clear Traumatic Memories

20 There Really Are No Coincidences

21 The Roots of Trust and Doubt

22 How to Transcend the Money-Slave System

23 Dissociative Identity Disorder and Conscious Creation

24 The Kingdom of God is Within You

25 Manipulated Content vs Free Will

26 Do-It-Yourself-Success

27 Businesses Run Without Love, Have No Future

28 Healing, Remote Healing and Self-Healing

29 Limitless

30 High Energy Neutralizes the Effects of Bad Food

31 The Three Types of Goal-Oriented Action

32 Hilarious Examples of Bad Advertising

33 The Facebook Illusion

34 How to Heal “ADHD” without Drugs

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