Environmental Safekeeping vs. “Climate-Change”

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Frederick Dodson

Someone asked me why I have never addressed “climate change”.
Answer: I don’t like to talk about things that don’t exist.
I believe in safekeeping the environment. I wouldn’t cut down hya thousand year old tree or spoil the river with a chemical dump or use toxic monsanto roundup to get rid of a couple of weeds. This is common sense.
But all that is separate from “climate change” propaganda, which is a political tool, a tool of economic warfare.
I’ve had “climate change activists” in coaching. You might be asking “Then why did you coach me to succeed in my project?” It’s because your goals are none of my Business. AS a coach I will support you in your hearts desire, even if I personally don’t believe in it.
A little basic research reveals that the alarmist “climate change” stories keep changing over time. Reach a certain age and you see through the hype. In the 1960s and 1970s the “eco” folks warned of a coming ice-age by the year 2000 latest. In the 1990s they noticed it’s not manifesting, so they warned of “global warming” and “rising sea levels” and disaster scenarios by 2010 latest. When that didn’t manifest, they changed the wording from “global warming” to “climate change”. I bet if you did a survey of climate change activists you’d notice that more than half of them are below the age of 30.
It’s 2023 and the temperature still isn’t any different than it was in my childhood. I remember when I was a kid, we were disappointed when it didn’t snow for winter. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t. But nowadays, every time it doesn’t snow for winter, it’s taken as “proof” of climate change. Then when it snows hard the next winter it’s also taken as “proof” of climate change.
That’s how scamming psychics behave, moving the goalposts to fit the narrative. Nothing to do with science.
Looking deeper you notice something odd: Most of these activists, apart from very few awake ones, don’t care when China or India cause pollution. The main focus is directed at Europe and now the U.S. That’s how you know “climate change” is a tool of economic combat and all these “celebs” who fly to “climate change conferences” in their super-polluting private jets don’t give a damn about the environment.
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