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Frederick Dodson

In 2022 I moved back to the U.S. after a long time abroad. One of the first things that struck me was how unhealthy people looked in my country compared to other places I’ve lived. I won’t go into details, you can see for yourself. Here, obesity and “being on medication” are considered normal.

A simple walk through supermarket provides a reflection of everything wrong with our current thinking but also, fairly simple solutions to it all. The average modern supermarket in America is hostile to human beings. Think I’m exaggerating?

The sound of enlightenment

The grocery store I went to today, had non-stop depression-music from the 80s playing. It must have been love. But it’s over now. It must have been love but I lost it somehow. The next song said: I was born guilty and I’ll die lonely. For the hours have chained me and the years they break me. For the past betrayed us and this nation’s failed us. On the poor man’s promise is a lie’s that’s honest. Oh lord, this is the worst year of my life. Oh lord, this is the worst year of my life. Oh lord, this is the worst year of my life. And I kid you not, the very next song sang, in a voice close to tears: If you leave, don’t leave now. Please don’t take my heart away!

Knowing that repeated messaging equals brainwashing, is it not hostile to humans to provide continious sad and depressed programming in supermarkets?

“Awww, that’s nothing to worry about, Fred. Just ignore it”. But the subconscious and the body have no guard against sound vibrations, as the video below demonstrates.

Your body is primarily made of water. If you think sound-vibrations don’t matter, think again. Sound-vibrations combined with words, form the contents of your thoughts. And your thoughts ultimately form your experience.

An ad in between the “music” that tells me to “go get the Covid shot”. Since when is it a supermarkets job to tell me how to attend to my health? Do we have a majority that supports this?

Accepting it without question = apathy. So I addressed a supermarket-manager and he responds: “It’s proven that music gets people in a better mood“. How low a mood do you have to be to get uplifted by this sad music? “We don’t choose the songs, it’s a playlist by a company we hire. It’s proven“. Do you have to keep saying “it’s proven” because you’ve lost the will to think for yourself? I didn’t actually ask him that. It turns out that a lot of supermarket managers don’t have a choice in the matter.

Anyone who has ever walked through a supermarket playing soft classical music (without lyrics), knows how uplifting it is. If you love and appreciate human beings you’ll want to give them a positive experience. The future enlightened supermarket does not use sounds and music to manipulate, influence or coerce. There is either beautiful silence or gentle non-suggestive music such as classical, chimes or even gentle jazz. You’ll feel like your walking in a palace. In this enlightened future, music with lower-emotions is banned from public spaces. If someone wants to listen to suicidal music they can do so in the privacy of their own homes. If anyone wants to shop with subwoofer-bass blowing out their aligned chakras, they can do so in the privacy of their headphones.

But won’t very-high-vibe music drive away most customers? No, it’ll lift them. The only people who are scared off by goodness are people in need of psychiatric care.

The enlightened checkout

One of the supermarkets near me has a self-checkout area that is a cacaphony of eight different machines speaking on automatic at the same time, making it sound something like this: “Scan your rewards card now. The total is 81.90. Place your items in the….your rewards card now…bagging area. Your total is…welcome please scan…55.35…your first item…in the bagging…scan your rewards…do you have a coupon…card now…thanks for shopping at…please take your receipt…your total is…scan your…place your items in the…your total…rewards card now…bagging area…in the bagging area…area…scan your rewards card now…bagging area.

It’s a thoroughly unenlightening experience. A checkout area in another supermarket has ads flashing up on screen during checkout. There’s even a supermarket which requires you to “check in” by scanning a QR Code. If you don’t have a phone, you’re out of luck. Are these supermarkets designed by people who love humans and seek to provide a good time? Or are they made by psychopaths who are calculating how a human “subject” can be influenced and coerced?

If you’re going to have automatic checkout, the right way to do it would be to have a sign with instructions on where and how to scan your items but without all the repetitive noise. Then you could enjoy the silence or classical music a little longer. But ideally, the enlightened supermarket is a personal, face-to-face experience with a human. Yes, I know human-avoidance is popular these days, with working-from-home, zoom-meetings and virtual spaces. But it’s not the enlightened way. What do I even mean by “enlightened”? The one that helps you feel lighter in the long run. En-light-ened. Human-to-Human contact may be uncomfortable and difficult to people who have spent their lives interacting with a screen, but in the long run it’s much more energizing and healthy.

The enlightened supermarket

Where I live, every supermarket has a pharmacy larger than the veggies and meat section put together. Here’s an interesting experiment: Spend some time looking at the people who go to the Pharmacy. Spend the same amount of time looking at the ones going to the veggie section. Then the meat section. What did you notice? Yes, the meat-eaters generally look stronger. The veggie-folk look slender. And the pharma-subscribers actually look, on average, sicker. It’s not a surprise to me but if you don’t believe it, look for yourself. The veggie, fruit, meat and fish sections offer the real medicine. So the enlightened supermarket has larger sections of real food and smaller sections of artificial foods.

The foods of enlightenment

The anti-human agenda is the most obvious in that the “health foods” section is only a small part of the overall supermarket experience. What are the rest of the foods then? They are laboratory-made, processed, non-nature foods. But meanwhile the “health foods” and “organic foods” sections are also almost exclusively laboratory-made. So where did the real food go? You find it in the fruits, vegetables, meat and fish sections. But even those have been under assault. Vegetables and Fruits are now GMO-modified. Animal meats are stuffed with antibiotics and hormones.

What’s the enlightened alternative? In the 90s, organic food shops sprang up everywhere, to counterbalance the toxicity of the average grocery store. They began well enough. But now all that’s left (at least in America) are large “organic foods” chains like Trader Joe’s, Wholefoods and Sprouts. These three are essentially the same scam, trying to pass off lab-created junk as “organic food”.

The enlightened alternative is to shop in family-owned small groceries, farm-groceries, farmers-markets and foreign-food groceries (my favorite is a local turkish food shop and a local cuban restaurant and a classical american diner run by a family). That’s where I can get real food. Or, the best way is to simply cook it yourself and bless the food you cook. Blessing food, elevates it’s energy-level.

In the supermarket, the open veggies are constantly sprayed with old water to make them “look fresh”. It’s a marketing gimmick. But it spoils the veggies more quickly. Only unloving people prize the way things “look” over how they actually are. So choose the packaged, non-sprayed veggies instead.

Grass-fed beef is vastly healthier than corn-fed, grain-fed, soy-fed beef.

Pasture-raised eggs are healthier than free-range and cage-free eggs. Why? Because they are raised more lovingly.

But even here we have “scandals” where it turned out that the labels grass-fed and pasture-raised didn’t reflect reality. Even so, there are only very, very, very few people who care enough to check and question. Why? Attention overwhelm. “It’s not my job to check whether companies are telling the truth. I am busy with other stuff”. Does that mean that, to live a conscious life, you need to be at a higher level of awareness? It certainly does.

Treating animals well improves the quality of the food. Yes, halal and kosher food indicates that an animal has been treated according to age old spiritual principles. But even if you’re not a member of one of those religions, there’s nothing wrong with treating the process of food making with dignity and respect. Some native Americans used to talk to the animals before killing them, explaining to them what is happening and blessing them on their journey beyond the body. Modern “food culture” knows no such spirituality, but enlightened eating does know it.

Many say that lab-grown and artificial meat is enlightened food and the answer to all of our problems. Just recently the FDA approved lab grown chicken.


I argue that lab-made stuff is what got people looking and feeling sick in the first place. The wisdom of humans is not yet at a level to compete with naturally grown items. Look at all the illnesses we have today that were unknown a hundred years ago. Check out how comparatively more healthy people looked in photos and movies from a hundred or even just fifty years ago. Or simply examine the health-state of modern urban vs. rural people. Or the health-state of people in Japan, who eat a lot of fish, vs. people in the U.S, who love lab-made foods. The enthusiasm for lab-made foods is misplaced.

I posted this on Twitter recently:


Much more could be said on this, but even just the basics in this article can make a big difference in anyone’s life. Go for natural foods and watch your health improve! Protect your ears from supermarket-music and watch your mood improve! Support small Businesses and watch the world improve!

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