How social media and search engines “edit” reality

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

People assume that when they browse the Internet, they are seeing an accurate reflection of what people are thinking or what’s “trending”.

But it’s not so. The reality you are being shown, is being edited for you by a hidden hand. As if you were a child who is unable to make the right choices about what to see, some information is selected, other things censored – without your conscious knowledge or consent.

I’ll give you an example of this from my own social media presence. On Twitter, any given post of mine gets an average of 4 likes.

If you think that’s normal, think again. I have been on twitter since more than 10 years and on the Internet 20 years. I have sold over 1 Million books on my own. Before I removed my contact information from the Internet, I received up to 80 reader emails a day – so many that I had to pay someone to respond because it was overwhelming.  And yet, on average, every post I make on twitter is actually seen by an average of only 30 people, according to the analytics page. This is regardless of how many hashtags I use. Most people who follow me on Twitter don’t have my posts appear in their feed. They have to go to my Twitter page specifically, in order to see them. Is that normal?

Of course not. I have been shadowbanned for the last 10 years. I got shadowbanned shortly after I set up my account. How do I know this? I know because an expert told me. But I also suspected it because for years, people kept asking me why they can’t see my new posts on Twitter. And I kept telling them “I don’t know. Ask Twitter”.

About 6 years ago, I hired an expert to help me with this. He explained that people would have to “like” my posts and then they could see them. For some people, this worked, but for others, it didn’t. Even then, my posts were hidden to them. Then, a year later, I hired another expert and he outright explained to me that Twitter is masking my posts. I was baffled. How naive I was to assume differently.

What did I do about it? Nothing. Anyone who reads Twitters terms and conditions will see that this is nothing unusual, it’s to be expected. It says:

“Twitter reserves the right to limit distribution or visibility of content”. 

What you are seeing is therefore not what YOU choose to see, it’s what Twitter chooses FOR you. Unbeknownst to most people using social media, they have a nanny watching out for them.

When I go to, a site to test whether one is shadowbanned, this is the message that shows up for


The item “something unexpected went wrong” has been showing up for years. It leads to the part of the T&C regarding the “limiting of the distribution of content”. In other words, someone in the world said: “I don’t like this Reality Creation stuff. I’m going to make sure as few people as possible see it!”

In order to see if I can get rid of the throttle, I recently switched my account from @realitycreators to @realitycreation, but the block remained.

But WHY? What’s wrong with a little Reality Creation?

My guess is, that, in my particular case, because I don’t post controversial content, it’s about Money.  Twitter has been unable to collect data about my behavior, because I don’t follow anyone. I do not purchase any ads. I do not retweet. If they cannot know my thoughts, they can’t sell my data, meaning they can’t make money off of me. You wanna bet that the moment I start following and retweeting people or paying for ads, the shadowban will lift?

The recent massive twitter-hack revealed that Twitter admins have sophisticated shadow-banning tools (despite public claims otherwise):


Or maybe it’s not about money, maybe it’s blacklisted for reasons beyond my comprehension. I’ve contacted twitter twice in the last 10 years, to inquire about this and they insist there “are no restrictions to my account”. So I asked: Then why do people keep telling me they can’t see my posts? “Because they first have to follow you”. But they do. “Then they should like some of your posts”. But what if those who “Like” a post still can’t see? “That’s not the case”. “So are you telling me that all these people are liars?” No response.

I’ve experienced similar on Facebook. For a long time, the number of people I was ‘allowed’ to reach was capped at around 100. Every single time I got more than 100 Likes on any post, my website link would be banned and I could no longer post it to Facebook. Trying to post from my website, brought up warnings of “malicious content” and “abusive content”. Then I’d have to go through the hassle of getting it un-banned again. This happened at least six times. At the time, I was posting about loving kindness, attention control, forgiveness and higher realms of consciousness. Hows that for “abusive content”?

My content is harmless. So why was Facebook was actively preventing the growth of my page? It seemed bizarre. Don’t these companies embrace merit-based growth? At least the website-banning stopped happening from the moment I booked Facebook-Ads now and then, for upcoming Seminars. So I learned the bottom line: Money. I gave them money and ever since then, my site appears not to be blocked (but I can’t be sure, of course).

When the Internet began, it was much easier to have your content spread just by the merit of its quality. But nowadays, the popular parts of the Internet are managed and edited. Rarely does anything “go viral” or achieve “organic growth” without a little bit of prodding in the form of money.

Money-making is not a problem. But actively suppressing growth in order to make more money is where things get tricky. If these trends continue, our greatest source of information will become the greatest source of information-control. It would be great if people get their controlling, micro-managing, editing hands off the Internet and instead simply allow the domino pieces to fall where they may.

I am not bothered about being shadow-banned because I don’t depend on the Internet (but I sure know many people who do depend on social media for their livelihood!). What bothers me is the pretense that the information you are seeing is the information you chose to see.

It just isn’t so. I am currently working on the most massively researched book I have ever written. For this research, I have had to use other Search Engines than Google, because Google no longer provides relevant data for in-depth research. There is a lot of very interesting data out there, that simply cannot be found on Google (or its sister, Wikipedia).  If something is not mainstream, it will be hard to find. And yet, most of the world relies on Google to have “all the information”. Even “alternative” Search Engines often rely on Google for their results. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that in the ancient German language, the word “Gougal” (pronounced Google) means “Deception”, “Sorcery”, “Illusion”. What a fitting name!

And what about Amazon…does it really contain all relevant books there are in the whole wide world? No. Not even close! To research my current book project, I have ordered and read more than 10 books this year. Half of these books were nowhere to be found on Amazon! This surprised me the most.

If you see things “trending” on Google, Twitter or anywhere else, consider this: Maybe that’s not what real people are really interested in. Perhaps it’s what some paid interest, special interest, industry interest, wants people to be interested in. Unfortunately it then becomes the “talk of the town” and the trending thought of the people. But if it weren’t presented as “trending” and “popular”, through algorithm manipulation, nobody would be thinking and talking about it.

Thus, companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, are the most powerful mass-reality-creating tools ever invented. They can determine, in a flash, what the whole world is thinking and talking about. And it doesn’t take all that much effort. If, for example, I want a global synchronization of consciousness on the topic of “Covid 19”, all I have to do is start having it trend on Google, Twitter, Facebook. Soon every radio station and TV Station and news-site will pick up on it. And soon, that’s all you’ll be hearing about, for months, at the expense of other important topics. You’ll hear about Covid everywhere you go and every day and in every public square, but you won’t hear about illnesses that kill millions people more and are vastly more dangerous than Covid 19. Nor will you hear about a Million other items of news that might be important. There will be a shortage of good news and a hyping of fear-news such as “Having Covid does not make you immune!”. You’ll hear contradictory stuff such as “Masks are mandatory” and “Masks won’t help you”. You’ll have the usual confusion and agitation of the world-mind broadcast uniformly into every country. Just imagine if that were true! What a formidable system of mass mind control that would be! Fortunately, that’s just science fiction. Or is it?

Reality Creation means to choose ones own thoughts and actions, not to have someone else choose for you. That is how you experience the reality you prefer, instead of the fear-based fever-dream of the world-mind.





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