Success without Strings Attached

Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

There are two ways to achieve something. One: Sheer willpower, practice and concentration. Two: Effortless intent and letting go. You visualize the desired outcome and then let go to let your subconscious  or “the Universe” take care of the rest. Both ways are legit, but the second way is rarely trusted, even though it can achieve greater results.

Today I’d like to give you a direct experience of the power of the second way. For this experiment, you will need a target to shoot at, and a ball or projectile. A  bow and arrow. Or bottle and a ball. A golf club and a hole. A tennis racket, a ball and a bottle. A soccer ball and a goal. All sports have the deeper purpose of learning about these two types of manifesting.

Method 1: Take 10 shots at your target from a distance that makes success moderately difficult. Do it with the “trying hard” method. Using concentration, repetition and will, try everything in your power, to hit the target. Note how many times you hit the target. If you did not hit the target at all, note how close you got.

Method 2: Now take around 30 seconds to relax, breathe and visualize hitting the target. Imagine the motion of throwing or shooting and then hitting it at the center. Then, let go and take 10 shots at the target. Don’t “try to hit the target”, just trust your body, allowing it to throw or shoot in that general direction, without monitoring or controlling. If you miss the target, do not worry, continue to trust that your body knows better and will dutifully follow what you visualized. Note how many times you hit the target. If you did not hit the target, note how close you got.

Find a way to repeat this exercise in different ways, perhaps with different tools over a few days, so that you learn the difference between the two modes. I mean it: Repeat this exercise! Your life could depend on it! Wouldn’t you love to learn a much more effective way of Being?

There is nothing wrong with the first way. Concentration, Willpower and Practice help you eventually achieve the goal. After some time, you’ll be able to hit the target more often. If something does not manifest with the second way, you can always resort to the first way.

But the second way is magical. It requires less effort at greater result. Most people who conduct the experiment, are surprised that their body “somehow knows” how to move to hit the target. They get more hits than with the first method.

Have you ever visualized body movements or sports while falling asleep and wondered why your arm or leg suddenly jerk on their own? They follow the orders of what you imagine. All of creation follows the orders of consciousness.

The challenge is in letting go/trusting. Normally, if there is a miss or failure, the mind goes back to relying on itself and its concentrating, willpowering, efforting, gripping ways. I highly recommend you continue trusting, even if there are mistakes. You visualized it and your body has learned and will start adjusting. If you can deepen the trust, your body will be able to do things you thought are impossible.

Fortunately, visualizing outcomes and letting go, not only applies to the body, but to life as a whole.

Most people naturally have this state when they do something for the first time. If they are relaxed about it, it flows effortlessly. Later, as they accumulate too many assumptions about it, they lose natural ease and the intervening mind takes over. This intervening, controlling part of the self is the fearful self.

The second way does not lack interest. It’s an attention different than concentration. More of a relaxed awareness. But not so relaxed, that it’s dull. It’s a trust that comes from the heart.

Taken from a future (2021-2022) book by Frederick Dodson titled “The State of Flow“.


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