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The weird reason I don’t support Human Cloning

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

To explain why I don’t support Human Cloning, I first have to explain this:

When we are born into this realm, we are born from our Mothers womb and connected to her through the umbilical cord. Cutting the cord finalizes our birth into this realm. As long as the cords are not cut, we exist in both this realm and the pre-life realm, in my view. Yes, I do believe that the soul of your child is flying around your house many months before it’s born. The moment the cord is cut, the soul or energy-body zooms in to life on Earth and becomes linked to the physical self.

People who have had out-of-body experiences, have seen that our Spirit-Self is connected to a Higher Realm through a silver cordThey have used this silver cord to reliably return back to their bodies after their journeys through the realms. After we die, there is a short moment where we are connected to both Earth and a higher realm through the silver cord. Once the silver cord is cut, our birth to the higher realm is finalized. I realize this sounds unfamiliar, but if you want proof of it, you’ll just have to learn to travel out-of-body and see for yourself. I have seen it with my own non-physical eyes.

I believe that our souls are created in a higher realm and for this reason we have a silver cord that takes us back to that place in the afterlife.

Here’s the weird and spooky thing: Because Human Clones are created on Earth, by Humans, they don’t have the silver cord.

This is what the human experience is meant to be:

1.Descend to Earth.

2. Learn as Much as Possible.

3. Ascend back home after death of the body.

It’s a simple mission. But a clone doesn’t do that. If a clone is not here to learn and then ascend what is its purpose? Slave labor? I don’t know.

And if clones do not have an umbilical cord that was cut off and no silver cord with which to ascend, do they have a soul? That too, I don’t know. But I doubt anything good can come from creating beings who become stuck in this realm.

Am I writing this article 100 years ahead of time? Maybe. Or maybe cloning is already being done. It certainly is done on animals.

If human cloning weren’t real, there wouldn’t be laws in place that support or opposite it.


We were already told 7 years ago, that human stem cells had been cloned (article linked).

The broader issue is a “science” divorced from the broader non-physical reality. I’ve been out-of-body hundreds of times, especially in childhood and my twenties (less so in recent years though). The insights I have gained out-of-body have been practical. One example:

While you are out of body, you don’t only see out to the front in one direction, as you do with your eyes. You see in a 360 degree circle in all directions at the same time. It takes some time to adjust to this and some people continue their frontal-view because the full-view disorients them. This has been of practical use in daily in-body life. I no longer depend fully on my eyes, but kind of “scan” an area with my awareness/feeling and pick up much more about what’s going on, than if I were only looking with my eyes. That’s one takeaway of out-of-body travel. Another one:

There is no more fear of death. There is no wondering about what comes after. Death doesn’t even exist in my mind. It’s similar to traveling from one place to another. The advantage of that, is a more enjoyable life and confidence in a greater overall purpose of things.

Our school curriculum won’t even acknowledge the existence of a consciousness that is independent of a body. Without even knowing the bare basics of life, how can our Quackademics know the implications of Cloning and many other issues? At the very least, the spiritual implications of Cloning should be open for debate.



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