Do you serve the system or do you serve your customers?

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Frederick Dodson

We’re in the early stages of AI-Slavery

I was looking for an electrician in my area and contacted three by email.

ALL wrote back asking “What’s a good phone number for ya so we can put you into our system?”.

Being in experimental 🤓 mood I responded: “I don’t share my phone number because it only results in phone spam” (actually true!).

Two electricians didn’t even reply. One said “We can’t create a customer profile without a phone number. And we can’t service your house if you’re not in the system”.

Simply put: I was denied service by three companies because I didn’t provide a number. I did provide

a) my address
b) my full name
c) my email

But it wasn’t enough to do the job!

You may think it’s no big deal. But these are

…the beginning signs…
…the early stages…

of AI-slavery.

Attitudes have already shifted from serving the customer to serving “the system”. Could you be any less business-savvy?

A few months ago, a plumber visited my house. He could not replace the pipes, even though he had the right pipes in his car. Why not? Because “replacing the pipes” wasn’t part of the three packages his i-pad offered.

“I don’t want any of those packages. I don’t need them. I only want these two pipes exchanged”.

But the system wouldn’t allow it.

I ended up exchanging the pipes myself, using YouTube tutorials.

I also consulted online videos to learn how to fix the electrical problem myself. And I fixed it!

The difference between old-school service and these chumps couldn’t be more pronounced. Their lack of decision-making power astonishes me.

A few weeks ago I tried renting an eBike. They couldn’t rent it to me because their “system was down”. I said “How ’bout some good old-fashioned writing it down on paper and I pre-pay you in cash? You can also write down my ID number”.

I said it in the most gentle and friendly tone I could muster. Would you believe I got no response? No word. No smile. They were busy staring at their screens, horribly worried about “the system” not working.

Minutes later: “Sorry, we can’t do anything when the system is down”.

Wow. What a declaration of powerlessness.

It’s not my problem. I’m glad I learned something about plumbing and electricity and also saved a lot of money. Another day, another increase in my ability/power.

As for society as a whole? The direction we are headed collectively is that more and more people will let “the system” decide for them what to do and what to think. Good riddance.

If you really, really, really want what I call reality creation – the ability to manifest the life of your dreams, then resist the temptation to outsource too many of your decisions.

Decision-making is one of your real powers. Every decision small or big, exercises the spiritual muscle. Decide where to sail or else the ocean and the thousands of forces that steer it, will decide.

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