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July 5, 2018
The Power of Focusing
July 15, 2018

Do -It-Yourself Success

Learn a new skill that you didn't have before, every week of your life.

That's my formula for never-ending personal growth. Last week I learned how to lay floor tiles, simply by doing it, off of Youtube instructions. The stuff you can learn off of Youtube for free is mind-blowing - in fact, we'll have to rethink our entire "education system" because of it. In fact, before laying tiles, I also learned how to waterproof that bathroom floor - off of Youtube.

The week before that, my website was under attack so I learned how to detect and prevent Hacking of my Computer, Emails and Website. I had to learn it myself because experts I had employed, were giving me contradictory information to the point of blaming each other for the attacks. Before that, I knew virtually nothing about website security. Now I can at least make a fair assessment of what is going on and what security is needed and patch things up on my own.

And you know what? The same fundamental principles that apply to patching up a bathroom also apply to patching up a website. Once you understand how the universe works, you understand how everything works.

"But Fred, surely you can afford expert tile layers and web security experts? You don't have to do it all yourself" some tell me. And I do outsource things that go beyond my abilities. I love getting help. But this is about the enjoyment of learning for the sake of learning. This is about growing in focus, creativity and self-sufficiency.  One should never be "too busy" to learn something new.

Once you know how consciousness works, you realize that every skill in the world, is fairly simple. We overpay others because we lack confidence to do anything ourselves. Back in the day, I would pay an electrician hundreds of Dollars if a TV didn't work. Today I would rather calm my mind and have a look for myself before consulting outside help. If I calm my mind and just have a look, maybe I discover that it's just one cable that requires some tape around it or needs to be plugged in elsewhere. How silly to employ someone for hundreds of Dollars if the task can be done in a few minutes for free? Lack of education, calm and awareness can be costly. If you live the pampered life in which you habitually expect others to come to the rescue, not much will be learned.

Just throwing money at stuff is no substitute for dedication. A poverty-stricken region primarily needs love first, skill second and money third, not money first. A father who buys his kids expensive gifts because he doesn't have any time for them is not giving them what they really need. A company boss who employs too many people because he can't be bothered to care about the company himself, will see that company gradually decline.

Self-sufficiency grows responsibility and is the cornerstone of success. I am a real-life example of this, not being bound to any organization, publisher, agency, club, company or boss. I am ME so I am FREE. I don't have to wait on a publisher to "make it happen". I have taught myself how to write, publish, design websites, shoot videos, edit videos, design book covers, speak publicly. I never had the support of a big publisher, agent or PR firm as many others have. But that's great because I get to remain authentic and do what I like. I needn't censor myself.  So far, every big publisher that wanted to sign me, submitted their offers with strings attached, dictating what I am and am not allowed to say. Some proposals even included how I am to appear and conduct myself in public and entire lists of subjects I am not supposed to talk about in public. All that is based on misguided marketing-strategies that water-down messages to the lowest common denominator to reach a broader crowd. That's why I've been happy to stay genuine to a large degree. I've seen what happens to musicians, actors, artists and authors who get "signed" by the "big players". I've seen how they went from zest to blandness, from fun to safe-speak, from thinking big to being tame. Fortunately, it's not necessary to "have representation" in order to succeed. The whole idea of "representation" is kind of outdated, coming from a time when people did not have a high enough consciousness level to represent themselves.

There are only two paths to choose from:

  1. Create the Reality of Your Dreams
  2. Find Excuses
You probably think you choose Option 1. But if you have excuses, you already chose Option 2. As a success-coach I hear plenty of excuses:

"I dont have the credentials" (= external dependence)

"I am too old" (= age dependence)

"I don't have the talent" (= negative self-definition)

"I don't have the funds" (= money dependence)

"I don't have the looks" (= negative self-definition)

"I don't know what I want" (= fear to try a few things)

"I don't know how to achieve it" (= fear to just try)

"My family disapproves of that career" (= external approval dependence)

If you really want something, excuses lose their meaning. The excuses are there to justify lack of belief. And lack of belief comes from within.

I know a lady who is running a successful boutique. The shop has been robbed 3 times. Each time, she lost everything as not only the cash was stolen but the whole place was stripped of clothes and equipment as well. For most people, that's a devastating blow, enough reason to just give up and call it a day. She could have easily used it as an excuse to quit, but he didn't. She was dedicated to running her fashion shop, it's the one thing she loved doing the most, so she would keep on, regardless of the troubles thrown at her.

If this lady won't let three robberies and loss of everything she owns (!) stop her, then how could fairly weak excuses such as those listed, stop you?

And did she get smart and open shop in a better part of town? That's what I might have recommended. But she had a different vision. What made her shop successful is that nobody else wanted to open a shop in that high-crime area, even though shops were very much needed. Her vision was to upgrade the bad area through her presence. She finally employed a security firm to keep the property protected. They installed chains, locks, window bars and alarm systems, none of which she had before. After intense negotiations with her insurance and her clothing providers, she opened shop just one week after the robbery. I admire that kind of resilience.

After about a year, other shops started opening on the same block, following her example. As a consequence, the neighborhood experienced an upgrade in safety, cleanness and drop in crime. All that because she had not given up and set an example of what is possible. The love and determination of one individual, counter-balanced the apathy of hundreds or even thousands in the area.

I try things without needing to know if they will work out beforehand (but most do work out because intuition is an accurate predictor of things). If it works, great. If not, fine. If you are terrified of failing, you won't even try. I might try 10 projects and discard 9.  So what if I "failed" in 9 careers? Through trying, I find the one I love. The 9 discarded projects were not actually a "waste of time" as the neurotic ego would say, but rather a gain of experience. For example, I ran a language school in my 20s. I learned hundreds of skills while running it. I eventually gave up because it was just plain boring. But it cannot be said that it was a "failed career", "bad choice" or "waste of time". Why talk this poorly about ones life choices? Instead, all good and bad is a useful lesson for whatever you will do in the future.

Do not wait too long before making a choice. In the time Joe is thinking about whether to go to the Gym, another has already gone ten times. In the time Joe is thinking about how to write a book, another has already written three. While Joe is still agonizing on how to ask her out for a date, she has already gotten to know someone else. WAKE UP. What are you waiting for? Do you really believe "something is going to happen" that somehow miraculously makes everything better? Nothing is going to happen to you, if anything happens, it happens through you.

"But I dont know where to start" Joe tells me.

I hear that one often. Then why not start anywhere on the map? Or start with something you enjoy?

"I don't know what I enjoy"

Then why not learn some skill that might be useful one day? Maybe you'll learn to enjoy that.

About 10 years of training and experience in ANYTHING will make you an expert in it. 10 years of violin playing, 10 years of cooking, 10 years of raising kids, 10 years of being a life coach, 10 years of producing music, 10 years of investigative research, 10 years of carpenting, 10 years of piano playing...whatever it is you'll be a PRO at it. There are actually scientific studies to back that up, but commons sense also tells you it is true.

What that means is you could choose almost ANY path and become so good at it, that you attract great, great success! The secret of success is merely being really good at something, merely providing others a positive experience. If you are good at something, you can provide a positive experience. They lack it, so they pay you to help them with it. It's as simple as that. So if you started a car dealership today, within 10 years, you'd be so good at it, gone through all its ups and downs, that it would seem easy to you. That's why I keep walking around claiming that success is incredibly easy. Getting good at it makes it easy.

"But I dont want to work 10 years for something. I want to manifest it instantly. Magically" some tell me.

Are you quite sure that's what you "want"? Are you sure you want to get something for nothing? That's not really how the law of attraction works. That's magical thinking, not law of attraction. Law of Attraction means that you attract into your life according to what you have become. If you can imagine that you have already been working on your dream for 10 years, that's great. It will speed up the process, cut it down to perhaps 5 years or even just 1 year. I learned laying tiles within just a few hours because I have strong confidence (and strong confidence comes from good thoughts). Before I had the experience I have today, I had to substitute experience with imagination and acting-as-if. I had to set high standards from the very beginning. I had to realize that my dream is not in 10 years time, but livable right now. The stronger your inner talent (love and imagination), the less time it will take with external work. However: If you do not want to work 10 years in your field, then you are not really passionate about your field in the first place. If you're already saying, "10 years is too long for me", you are time-bound rather than passionate. In that case you might consider working on something else. Something you wouldn't hesitate dedicating 10 years to. Something you enjoy so much, that time becomes irrelevant. 1 minute, 1 year or 10 years, 100 years...who cares...I love my work.

Instead of excuses, why not provide reasons you can do-success-yourself. You can do it because you are smart. You can do it because you know the power of will, attention and imagination. You can do it because you have internet access. You can do it because you have good ideas. You can do it because you've been around planet earth for a while and have seen how things work.

I don't have to provide these reasons for you. You can come up with your own. One of the traits of the Awakened, is independence and the ability to initiate. All of your education, books, media, knowledge, certificates, training will not provide you with initiative and determination. Those arise from deep within and are superior to knowledge. Love is Stronger than Mind. 

"I wish I could, but I just don't have the time"

is a famous excuse. This excuse is often applied by people who spend many hours a day lost in entertainment. It is also applied by those who believe they have to take care of others more than themselves. It is applied by those who believe they most work for someone else in order to survive.

This whole idea of needing someone else (employer) to make money has been conditioned into you from an early age. You go to school and they ask you in which profession you'd like to work, never which profession you'd like to create. Pre-defined vs. Self-defined. I created my own profession: "Reality Creation Coach". There was no university course on that. There is no company I could learn that in. Your parents and teachers tell you that you'd be lucky to work for a reputable company some day. Rarely do they tell you that you could create a reputable company. Even supposedly "elite" ivy-league students consider themselves lucky to be employed by a "good firm" when they live the University. Sure, there is nothing wrong with being employed for some time to learn a thing or two. But a large part of the world has been conditioned to believe that employment is a desirable permanent state.

Of course I wouldnt recommend you ditch your job if you have no confidence in your reality-creation-power. You'd go broke. That's even worse than employment. But sooner or later, you aim to be FREE.  If you are an employee: How about making some money of your own, in side-projects of your own? Oh, I forgot...many tell me that this is ILLEGAL in their country. Can you imagine that? Its ILLEGAL to make money on your own if you are already employed? Talk about modern day slavery. In that case, I retort: Its certainly not illegal to learn skills and prepare yourself for the day you will leave your employment and become more self-sufficient.

Employment per se is not bad, at a mid-level-of-consciousness. What is bad is the FEAR many people live in. The FEAR of "losing their jobs", the utter dependence. If you keep developing your skill, you never have to succumb to that fear. Say, for example, you are afraid of being fired because you are getting old. was YOUR responsibility to learn enough skills so that you cannot be that easily replaced by your boss. And it was YOUR responsibility to come up with an exit plan for old age. Complacency leads to Dependence.

You can and should do-success-yourself. It's not rocket science. There are a lot of very-mediocre people out there who are successful because they risked stepping out of their comfort zone.