Do EMF Shields ward off spirits?

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Frederick Dodson

I was recently looking up EMF-Shielding nets to put around my bed.


Why? I was curious how it would influence dream-quality. I’ve been having vivid lucid dreams ever since I got rid of Wi-Fi and wondered if I could enhance them.

I looked on Etsy and a couple of other websites. The surprise: The websites began recommending sex-torture tools to me, based on my interest in EMF-Shielding.

“If you’re interested in EMF-Shielding, you’ll also be interested in sado-masochistic sex tools”.

This puzzled me. I didn’t see the connection at first. After some thought, I realized the answer to this riddle is in my book Clearing Entities, where I say strong sexual energy attracts entities. They try to leech off the energy. To shield yourself, sex is best enjoyed with someone you love. Love is the shield.

Apparently people are trying to offset spirits (spirits ARE electromagnetic fields) with EMF Shielding equipment. Wow! Automated AI-recommendation reveals the strangest things.

I am reminded of something the out-of-body-travel researcher Robert Monroe said. He spoke of Faraday cages being used to entrap spirits. He also said that, on the astral realm, electricity itself can block spirit-travel.

I chose not to get an EMF-Shielding net. The same net that might keep spirits out, could keep my spirit in and prevent nightly travels (everyone travels every night, but most people don’t remember it when they wake up).

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