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June 3, 2018
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What Dissociative Identity Disorder teaches us about Conscious Creation

While there is a great deal of suffering linked to Dissociative Identity Disorder, it is also where I originally got the idea for Conscious Identity Creation (Reality Creation). This was like finding a "Lotus in the Mud". In 2005 I wrote a book on it, titled "Parallel Universes of Self". To refresh your memory of this topic, allow me to quote a newspaper article titled

"The Blind Woman who switched Personalities and could suddenly see". 

"It had been more than a decade since “B.T.” had last seen anything.

After suffering a traumatic accident as a young woman, doctors diagnosed her with cortical blindness, caused by damage to the visual processing centers in her brain. So she got a seeing eye dog to guide her and grew accustomed to the darkness.

Besides, B.T. had other health problems to cope with — namely, more than 10 wildly different personalities that competed for control of her body. It was while seeking treatment for her dissociative identity disorder that the ability to see suddenly returned. Not to B.T., a 37-year-old German woman. But to a teenage boy she sometimes became.

With therapy, over the course of months, all but two of B.T.’s identities regained their sight. And as B.T. oscillated between identities, her vision flicked on and off like a light switch in her mind. The world would appear, then go dark.

Writing in PsyCh Journal, B.T.’s doctors say that her blindness wasn’t caused by brain damage, her original diagnosis. It was instead something more akin to a brain directive, a psychological problem rather than a physiological one.

B.T.’s strange case reveals a lot about the mind’s extraordinary power — how it can control what we see and who we are.


Then, four years into psychotherapy, something strange happened: Just after ending a therapy session, while in one of her adolescent male states, B.T. saw a word on the cover of a magazine. It was the first word she had read visually in 17 years.

You can read the rest of the article in the link above (and I recommend you do). I am personally familiar with similar cases from my own coaching work and believe that such miraculous events should be more widely scrutinized and publicized than they are. Since 2005, I have been teaching that by "switching your Identity", you can experience extraordinary results. The difference to dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder, is the conscious creation of such identitiesThe disorders are not consciously created. They are the result of either...

brain damage (which can cause the brain to translate energy frequencies erratically)

hard drug abuse (which can cause an inadvertent mixing of realities)

severe traumatic abuse in childhood (which can cause a retreat into numerous split off sub-personalities, to cope with the violence)

entity-possession (which is the presence of non-physical beings that are not native to your your soul)

or deliberate hypnotic brainwashing and torture techniques (such as used on prisoners of war)

In researching clinical reports of D.I.D. and M.P.D, I learned that "switching identies" could not only make the blind see, disappear diseases, have a person speak in different languages, suddenly acquire superhuman strength, change a persons entire appearance, but that it extended beyond the physical body into what experiences a person attracts into their life. This is, of course, where I and contemporary science differ. They will admit that miraculous changes can occur instantly, within the body, but not that each sub-self on can shift into, also has a wider electromagnetic energy-field extending beyond the body. Thus,within the Identity of a rich person, you attract riches. Within the identity of an attractive person, you attract an attractive partner, etc.

In the Conscious Creation of New Identities, it is helpful to know who you really are - your Essence, your innermost Being. Suffering from DID or MPD is really the opposite of knowing who you are. If anyone suffering from these Disorders came across this article, you are advised to first seek help from a psychiatrist or healer familiar with clearing any identities that were not consciously created. My own process titled Advanced Energy Clearing, my video titled Undefine Yourself, Shamanic "Soul Retrieval" and religious prayers have also proven helpful in these regards. "Knowing Yourself" means that...

you are clear about  your general mood, character and personality.

You appreciate and understand your likes and dislikes and shifting your moods is mostly under your control.

You do not go into lengthy phases of unconsciousness in which you act out stuff that you do not remember later on.

You are able to sit still and meditate or be present for extended periods of time without getting nervous, fidgety or uncomfortable.

You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

Your estimation of self and how others see you, is similar (rather than others seeing you radically different than you see yourself).

You can sense your unique souls energy or quality in contrast to others unique energy.

For the record: Having Multiple Personalities is not the same thing as having "Sub-personalities". What is called sub-personality in various systems of psychology, is merely having different parts of yourself arguing with each other. A healthy person is aware of the different sub-personalities and can integrate them. Multiple Personalities, on the other hand, are so drastically alienated from each other, that one Identity does not remember the words and actions of another.

From knowing and being yourself, it is fairly easy to practice conscious identity creation. The best way to do that, is not actually by creating something that is not there, but by emphasizing personality-parts or aspects that you already feel (through focusing attention on them, seeing, speaking and acting as them). Yes, it is possible to enter identities (and thus realities) that are completely unlike who you were before. DID and MPD prove that. But you (and those around you) will have a much smoother ride if, instead of changing radically, you merely emphasize personality traits that were within you, latent all along. This is why the Training you receive as a Movie Actor can often be more beneficial than the Training you receive in many of these new-age self-improvement workshops. I will not go into the exact procedure in this article, as I have written several detailed books about it (foremost Parallel Universes, Reality Creation and Manifestation and Being Higher Self).

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