Discerning Deception

A collection of articles published between 2013 and 2023 on the topics of discernment, illusion and deception by Frederick Dodson online, now only available in this book. 

Table of Contents

1 Reality Distortions
2 Why advertisers target children who aren’t even born yet
3 How to influence the subconscious with music
4 Conscious shopping to stop hypnotic persuasion
5 How to overcome screen addiction
6 Do you really think Google is free?
7 Manipulated Consent vs. Free Will
8 The Facebook Illusion
9 How Attention is manipulated in the world
10 Why an “imperfect” human is preferable to a genetically designed one
11 The man who energized water and invented flying saucers
12 Top 7 reasons to reduce smartphone usage
13 Are Human Beings grown and harvested?
14 Some Covid Reactions are more dangerous than the virus itself
15 The Cholesterol Myth as an Example of Mass Falsehood
16 Was Bitcoin created by the CIA?
17 How social media companies and search engines edit reality
18 I do not consent to covid collectivism
19 Covid-19, artificial stress and mass-reactance
20 If something is good it doesn’t have to be mandatory
21 Human Made Flying Saucers
22 The military is running parallel Earth and mirror Earth simulators
23 Fear of Covid caused by lies and inattentiveness
24 An ancient spaceship that is camouflaged as a moon of Saturn
25 A time for civil disobedience
26 The U.S. owns patents for flying saucers that can travel air, land and water
27 Four Amazing things about Washington D.C. you didn’t learn in school
28 Why are terror attacks simulated in training exercises before they happen?
29 Treat people like they are healthy, not like they are sick
30 Will extraterrestrial contact cause mass hysteria or mass awakening?
31 A vaccine against fear
32 The weird reason I don’t support Human Cloning
33 Is it possible for others to control your mind?
34 Apathy attracts Conspiracy
35 Much of reality is make-believe
36 How you can help the world regain freedom
37 Why does radio music sound the same? Because it’s all by the same guy.
38 The manipulation of familiarity and attachment-needs
39 Covid-Endgame: The Barcode-Tattoo (and why it won’t succeed)
40 My adventurous escape from Covid Madness
41 My adventurous escape from Covid-Madness–Part 2
42 Greetings from the Free State of Florida
43 Covid is a Scam – for the sake of your wellness, please wake up!
44 Abolish Public Schooling
45 The more real you get, the more fake the world looks
46 Are we heading toward dystopia or utopia?
47 Self-testing so-called toxic vs. organic products
48 Three types of people: the victim, the rescuer and the sovereign individual
49 Uncovering Deception as an Awareness exercise
50 The deeper meaning and vibration of brand names
51 How humanity is tricked into powerlessness

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