De-Crystallize and Re-Crystallize

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I had wounded muscles in hips, knees and ankles from excessive tennis play.

I took a hot shower to de-crystallize my muscles. Then I took a freezing cold shower to re-crystallize them to new versions of themselves.

All pain vanished.

Get it?

A friend had pain in her wrist. She’d been sleeping on it and was now unable lift anything. I had her run hot water (not steaming hot, just hot) over her wrist. Then cold water. We repeated this a few times.

The pain had been there all morning but was now gone entirely. She could use her wrist again.

It works best with muscle-related things but can also be used on emotional issues.

While researching my new book, I discovered that the hot-cold-water-cure has been a favorite of our ancestors.

Hot water softens and dissipates the hardness. The cold water re-hardens it to a new version. It’s the principle of de-creating and re-creating I’ve been teaching for decades.

Some hardened hearts need to be softened. Some soft-people need to harden up.

Ice to snow to water to steam or the other way around.

Some of the crystallized aspects of your personality were useful at some point but are now a burden. So de-crystallize them and re-crystallize as a “new you”. Be born again.

Look at an issue you wish to get rid of.

1. Apply non-resistant breathing & compassion. That’s putting hot water on it. Spend a few minutes. Remain aware of the empty space surrounding the issue so that you don’t narrow focus too strongly. Then decide to drop it.

2. Next, focus on the reality you prefer in writing or speaking. Describe what you prefer in great detail and with some authority as spoken intent or prayer. That’s like re-crystallizing with cold water.

Repeat these two steps on different days until you’re satisfied with the results.

As an extra, you could even use hot and cold water while doing this because water is a conducter of thought.

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