Criminal Violence and Electromagnetic Fields

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This is a follow up to my previous article Humans as Electric Circuits and Batteries


Can criminal behavior be induced?

In 2013 the CIA declassified an obscure book from the early 1960s called “The Adam and Eve Story – The History of Cataclysms” by Thomas Chan. The version published by the CIA , as available on Amazon, is heavily redacted. I looked for uncensored versions of the book back then but didn’t find any. A few days ago I noticed that uncensored versions are now floating around the Internet and easily available, for example here: The Adam and Eve Story

I think I found the part  they wanted censored (the rest of the book seemed uninteresting). I’ve always learned the most in life by studying the things someone has tried to censor. These are the relevant screenshots, well worth the read:


I looked for these passages in the declassified, sanitized version of the book but didn’t find them there. It’s easy to see why this “agency” would want to keep this kind of information for themselves.

If true, cancer, murder, rape and even cannibalism correlate to a reduced magnetic field. This reminds me of the premise of my book Levels of Energy where I say that “low-energy-states” are the primary cause of crime and violence. When a sentient being is depleted of energy they resort to harming other beings.  Harmlessness is a telltale-sign of higher energy. The greatest power is the most gentle. Those with the least power are the most violent.

The reason it was censored may derive from the inconvenient fact that these states can be induced externally. Just like they were induced on the mice who turned into violent rapists and cannibals, someone knowing how to manipulate magnetic fields could target human beings. That sounds like just the type of thing the “agency” would be interested in.

Which raises the question: Would we be defenseless against a weakening of the magnetic field? Could a sinister use of technology convert us into zombies? Could such experimentation be the cause of cases of mass hysteria and sudden outbreaks of mass violence?

The term Magnetic resonance is defined as “the excitation of particles in a magnetic field by exposure to electromagnetic radiation of a specific frequency”. In other words: External influence is possible.

But I don’t believe we are defenseless because we carry an electromagnetic field of our own. The higher our energy-level, the less likely we are to be influenced. Many have violent thoughts but don’t act upon them. They have enough energy left for self-control and not to harm others. Or, if they are energy-depleted, they’ve had training in ethics or morals. It’s the greatest act of love when the wolf doesn’t eat the lamb, the greatest act of love when the energy-depleted don’t lash out at others. This can be consciously practiced. For example, when I arrive home after playing tennis in the baking sun for 5 hours, I am energy-depleted and in need of rest, water and food. In the past, while in this state, I’d prefer to be left alone, trying to avoid conversation. But recently, my practice has been to stay charming, patient, friendly and forthcoming despite of the exhausted state. I’ve succeeded! It’s possible, as a matter of intention. Even so, nobody can thrive in a long-term depleted state.

Like a fish needs water and a plant needs soil, a human being needs a connection to spiritual source to thrive. The more disconnected from source, the more desperate the attempts to derive energy. But for the connected, life is joyful.

Everything has it’s energy-field. The earth has it’s field. A human being generates his own field. Your own heart generates an EMF that radiates around you so that people can “feel you” and it’s much stronger than your brain’s energy emission. The next two images provide an overview over the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Image Source: National Cancer Institute


Image Source: National Institute of Health

This is not the place to debate the effects of all of these frequencies. The topic I’m interested here is the correlation between weakened magnetic fields and crime. Let’s have a look at what are called Geomagnetic Fields.


Geomagnetic Fields and Homicide Rates

The image above shows Earth’s Geomagnetic Fields, which are weaker in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Image Source

An alternate image, showing the same:

If it’s true that a weakened magnetic field creates higher crime, it should be reflected in worldwide homicide rates. So I went to check.


Sure enough, the places with the weakest natural magnetic fields – South America and South Africa, have the highest homicide rates. I say “correlation” because it’s unknown which came first, the weakening of the field or the crimes. Please note: I’m not saying this is an excuse for crime, only that people in these regions might have to do a little bit more to protect their own energy-field.

A Wikipedia entry on Biomagnetism says this:

Animals, including birds and turtles, can detect the Earth’s magnetic field, and use the field to navigate during migration. Some researchers have found that cows and wild deer tend to align their bodies north–south while relaxing, but not when the animals are under high-voltage power lines, suggesting that magnetism is responsible…

…Very weak electromagnetic fields disrupt the magnetic compass used by European robins and other songbirds, which use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate…

For those interested, this article on Magnetoreception goes into more detail. I’m certain that animal’s abilities to detect magnetic fields also applies to humans. We say “I can feel it in the air tonight”, “there is something in the air”, “to clear the air”, “there’s a negative atmosphere in that room”, “she has a positive aura” etc. to describe shifts in people’s energy field.


Free Energy

One of the results of Geomagnetism are telluric currents. To quote, from Wikipedia:

A telluric current (from Latin tellūs, “earth”), or Earth current, is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea. Telluric currents result from both natural causes and human activity, and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern. The currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas at or near the surface of the Earth.

…The strongest are primarily geomagnetically induced currents, which are induced by changes in the outer part of the Earth’s magnetic field, which are usually caused by interactions between the solar wind and the magnetosphere or solar radiation effects on the ionosphere. Telluric currents flow in the surface layers of the earth. The electric potential on the Earth’s surface can be measured at different points, enabling the calculation of the magnitudes and directions of the telluric currents and hence the Earth’s conductance. 

Both telluric and magnetotelluric methods are used for exploring the structure beneath the Earth’s surface (such as in industrial prospecting). For mineral exploration the targets are any subsurface structures with a distinguishable resistance in comparison to its surroundings. Uses include geothermal exploration, mining exploration, petroleum exploration, mapping of fault zones, ground water exploration and monitoring, investigation of magma chambers, and investigation of boundaries of tectonic plates. Earth batteries tap a useful low voltage current from telluric currents and were used for telegraph systems as far back as the 1840s.

In industrial prospecting activity that uses the telluric current method, electrodes are properly located on the ground to sense the voltage difference between locations caused by the oscillatory telluric currents. It is recognized that a low frequency window (LFW) exists when telluric currents pass through the earth’s substrata. In the frequencies of the LFW, the earth acts as a conductor.

The earth itself then, has magnetic fields and electric currents that can be used for all kinds of industrial purposes. I was surprised to read that the Earth’s free energy was used for telegraph systems in the 1840s. It reminds me of the Carrington Event in 1851  in which two radio operators, one in Boston and one in Portland, realized they could use a geomagnetic storm to communicate for free. Quote:

Some telegraph lines seem to have been able to produce a sufficient geomagnetically induced current from the electromagnetic field to allow for continued communication with the telegraph operator power supplies switched off. The following conversation occurred between two operators of the American telegraph line between Boston, Massachusetts, and Portland, Maine, on the night of 2 September 1859 and reported in the Boston Evening Traveler:

Boston operator (to Portland operator): “Please cut off your battery [power source] entirely for fifteen minutes.”

Portland operator: “Will do so. It is now disconnected.”

Boston: “Mine is disconnected, and we are working with the auroral current. How do you receive my writing?”

Portland: “Better than with our batteries on. – Current comes and goes gradually.”

Boston: “My current is very strong at times, and we can work better without the batteries, as the aurora seems to neutralize and augment our batteries alternately, making current too strong at times for our relay magnets. Suppose we work without batteries while we are affected by this trouble.”

Portland: “Very well. Shall I go ahead with business?”

Boston: “Yes. Go ahead.”

The conversation was carried on for around two hours using no battery power at all and working solely with the current induced by the aurora. 

That’s truly interesting and something to look into, though I’m sure your electricity and battery companies would rather discourage that kind of research.

There’s a belief among proponents of “alternate History” that in the “old days” there was a worldwide free-energy system that used the Earth’s currents and that Cathedrals, Domes and Antennas atop buildings were made to pick up on that energy. There’s also the idea that prior to a great cataclysm or “reset”, humans go insane and start murdering, raping and cannibalizing each other. Some say that’s why there were cataclysms (they are made intentionally, to clean up the mess), others say these are merely side effects of great Earth Changes (and thereby also changes in Earth’s magnetic field).

Some spiritualists believe that there are ley lines criss-crossing, circling and spiraling through the land and that these lines, connected by certain ancient buildings, megaliths, monoliths, mounds and caverns carry either helpful or harmful telluric currents. There are people who have their houses destroyed because they are perched on negative ley lines. I know some who buy and sell real estate based on ley lines. And then there are people who have sex at certain spots because they believe they are on positive ley line convergences. I personally haven’t chosen real estate based on ley lines (or done any other activity based on them), but I know some people who do.

Is a weakened electromagnetic field linked to crime? I believe so. Arguably, the harming of others isn’t done out of rage or cruelty, it’s a misguided attempt to derive life force. In some ancient cultures cannibalism was used to capture the deceased person’s life force. Eating the heart was thought to improve one’s own heart, eating the brain was supposed to improve one’s intelligence. The purpose of some forms of ritual cannibalism was to force entry to higher realms of consciousness. It is believed that a newly deceased person is still attached to their body while they are ascending to higher realms and by eating their flesh right after they died, one can catch a glimpse of Heaven (this strange custom is reported among Australian Aborigines for example).

Murder can also be seen as an attempt to capture life force, even if the murderer is not consciously aware of it. In the moment of killing, the etheric and astral body of a person shatters, with bits and pieces often getting stuck to the murderer (I’ll explain this in a future book). And rape is a form of energy-vampirism where one forces an exchange they would not normally attract or deserve. All crime is arguably an attempt to re-charge a depleted battery, hence you get charged with a crime and locked in a cell.

Even smaller crimes are an attempt to gain energy that you have lost through your disconnection from Source. If you steal money, you are trying to compensate for the inability to attract any – magnetically.

Thus, what we consider good relates to high energy and bad relates to low energy. So raise your energy.


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