Create the Reality you Prefer

Collected Articles on reality Creation, manifesting, the law of attraction and the power of intention written between 2013 and 2023 by Frederick Dodson. Originally published online and now only available in this book.

Table of Contents

1 The biggest secret in the Universe
2 Do yourself what you’d like others to do
3 Feel more deeply to manifest more quickly
4 Welcome Rejection
5 How to attract more customers than you can ever handle
6 How a movie-role was manifested in two weeks
7 A blessing in disguise when a wish doesn’t come true?
8 There really are no coincidences
9 The roots of trust and doubt
10 Dissociative Identity Disorder and Conscious Creation
11 Don’t force it, become attractive to it
12 Promotion vs. Attraction
13 If you don’t know about it, you don’t see it
14 You don’t need the “system” to create the reality you prefer
15 Miracles are normal
16 You are the person you’ve been waiting for
17 There was a time when you wanted this
18 The Secret of Belief-Wrappers
19 You are creating every thought right this moment
20 Living Out Parallel Lives in Dreams
21 More on Personal Will vs. Divine Will
22 Wholehearted Commitment and Manifestation
23 How to Create a new state in 10 Minutes
24 Can Conscious intention change the weather?
25 Don’t try so hard, let your subconscious do it for you
26 How reality creation was used to escape imprisonment
27 Everything “bad” that happened to me was good in the long run
28 Think for yourself
29 What comes to you, already belonged to you
30 Have Masuru Emoto’s experiments on water been replicated?
31 You have more power than you know
32 How to exit the Matrix
33 How beliefs interact with reality
34 There’s a good reason for everything

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