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Is the world under a hypnotic Covid spell?

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Someone pointed out to me that “Covid” spelled backwards is “Divoc”, which is a variation of the ancient Hebrew word Dybbuk.  In Hebrew, the letters v and b are interchangeable. According to Wikipedia, this is “a malicious possessing spirit, believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. It supposedly leaves the host body, sometimes after it’s exorcised”.

That’s how some of these Covid-Believers appear to me. How can people not see that they are being misled and lied to in a hundred different ways? Are they in some kind of hypnotic-trance? 

In February 2020, I cancelled all of my Live-Seminars and travels for the year. Several people can attest to this. Then I packed my laptop, my favorite clothes and left behind my main place of living to fly abroad and stay far away until the storm passed.

Exactly one month later, around the middle of March, Covid began and soon international travel was suspended.

How did I know what was going to happen, one month in advance? How did I know two months prior, that flights would be suspended? That was unimaginable in February. Doesn’t this point to foreknowledge of events? And if some people had foreknowledge, wouldn’t that mean that maybe…just maybe…these events were planned, rather than happening organically?

Nobody ever asked me. Not my friends, not the people I cancelled Seminars on. I’d expect someone – anyone – to ask: “ Fred…how did you know this thing was coming?” Maybe it was put down to coincidence.

I once got criticized for calling it a plandemic. So I offered to produce my flight tickets from February 2020, as well as my emails cancelling events for the year. You know what the person told me?

“Nah, you don’t understand infectious diseases. Of what use is your freedom, if you’re choking on mucus in a hospital bed?”

Choking on mucus in a hospital bed? Covid does not have a higher fatality rate than the common flu. That’s a fact. When did we start suspending the economy of the entire world because someone might get the flu? By that alone you see it’s all got nothing to do with Health and all to do with a war on the economy of certain countries. If you wish to know who is waging the war, all you have to do is look at whose riches are increasing and whose are decreasing in the last year.

Anyway, this man had not registered anything I just said. It didn’t compute. I responded:

“I understand there is a real disease out there. There are many diseases out there (and many diseases and problems, such as suicide, have skyrocketed in the last year, but these are insanely underreported, compared to Covid). I’m saying that everything around it was planned and coordinated. Also the disease. Haven’t you wondered why almost all Governments rolled out a similar message and method at the same time? As if there is some global, hidden governance?”

“You sound like one of them nutjobs” was his response.

“How do you explain that I had foreknowledge?”.

“Nah, that’s crazy talk”. And with that, he left.

The conversation represents so many others. This kind of glazed-eyed oblivion is widespread. Proof and Truth? Doesn’t matter. All that matters is parroting a set of false talking points, hypnotically programmed through mass-media outlets.

This guy didn’t even bother to view the evidence but considers himself smart and educated. He views people like me as dumb and dangerous. “You’re going to get us killed with your misinformation”, I’ve been told. Never mind that I’ve spent my life helping tens of thousands of people get more healthy.

Is it possible that “asymptomatic” people (people who are healthy but supposedly spread the virus), are healthy because they are not under the spell and couldn’t be programmed to get sick? Just thinking out loud here. I’ve seen thousands of people heal from illness by changing their beliefs. That is a fact.

A woman I know personally, had been arrested for taking her children for a walk in the woods, during a lockdown phase. I could hardly believe it. Arrested? Really? I mean REALLY? It was hard for me to believe, because she lives in a low-population area that hasn’t seen any Covid cases at all. Nor were there any other people in the woods. And yet, someone saw her and her kids in the car park and notified the police. When she emerged from the woods, she was taken away by the police. Her children were taken from her and put into a separate detention center. Her car was impounded.

I normally sleep very well, but on the night I heard about this, I lay awake, unable to find any rest. It all seemed so surreal. Police arresting completely innocent and healthy people? Two police officers and a car-impounder forgoing social distancing just to prove state-power? Stealing children from their parents? One neighbor snitching on another? Broad surveillance? Don’t police have anything better to do?

We now learn of tragic stories such as these almost every day in our world. There is so much happening, that I could report on it every day (and some do), but I stop myself because it’s not healthy to fixate.

If you haven’t already, watch the 2006 movie The Lives of Others. The events shown in the movie are fairly recent. Only 35 years ago, there were people spying and snitching on each other and blacklisting free-thinkers in the belief that their mere existence was a danger to “the common good”. But the movie goes deeper than just showing the Dystopia. It shows how even people who were hypnotized conformists to Government propaganda, can change. The protagonist – a spy working for the secret police, was not changed through facts alone but through the love, poetry, music and art of the people he was spying on.

The movie shows that only a higher level of consciousness can break the spell.

An anti-vaxxer acquaintance of mine, said: “Let it go Fred. You can’t change these people. They are a lost cause. The vaccine is there to kill them off, and that’s a good thing”.

I found this statement just as dark and creepy as the statements from the other side. I don’t agree with it in any way and wish to socially distance myself from this person. As I just explained, there is another way. I’ve spent my entire life breaking peoples negative spells and hypnotic, robotic and unconscious behavior. It can be done. Are there some people so rigid that it’s almost a waste of energy to try to help them? Sure. But most people can be de-hypnotized. If the electricity were to go out for just one week, and there were no TV, Internet or News, people would wake up to reality rather quickly. That’s how shallow the fake-programming is.

One of my Covid postings prompted this response on Twitter. I’ve removed the name, because I don’t wish to single out one person – this mentality is shared by Billions of people:

That’s how quickly a non-conformist turns into “the enemy“. Still wonder how the 20th Century genocides through Communism and Fascism ever arose? How so many people could openly applaud and support the slaughtering of “the enemy”? It’s because of  Fear. Using fear, it’s easy to divide people against each other. That’s why work on releasing fears is the best work you can do. It makes you immune to the mass psychosis we are living through.

I know all the cashiers in my local supermarket. They don’t wear gloves. They touch hundreds of items and peoples hands each day. They should be the first to fall ill. But I’ve never seen any of them ill all year. Being a curious fellow, I asked. One cashier told me that “no, nobody has fallen ill. We lucked out”.

Lucked out?

The very people who have the most contact to other people and should be the first to drop dead in a deadly pandemic, just “lucked out”? At one point, this supermarket was claimed to be a hotspot of Covid in the news. The news was telling people that anyone who had shopped there, needed to get tested asap. “Experts” were saying that all people who visited the entire week, needed to be tracked down. One hyperventilating expert claimed that all foods needed to be exchanged because they could contain traces of Covid.

True story: I asked the cashier whether they got tested. She answered “no”.


All this media hype about a Covid outbreak in a supermarket and not a single one of the cashiers ever got tested? I asked her again, because it was inconceivable to me – and she responded with “no” again. None of them got tested. The whole thing was a media-created hype, make-believe.

The ones who are running the Covid-show, keep forgetting small but important details such as this. If you want to stage a show, you need to pay attention to detail. Otherwise awake people see through the scam. Such as Covid-testers who forget to use biohazard bins, simply discarding their stuff in a normal wastebasket. If this whole thing weren’t a circus-show but rather, a real pandemic, they’d have used biohazard bins. Or royal family members who forget to wear masks at a crowded soccer event. If you are not under a spell, you notice hundreds of little inconsistencies that don’t make any sense.




I believe the familiarity-effect is being used, to cast the spell, through various broadcasts. It’s no coincidence that “spell” refers both to spelling words and to magic. Magic is nothing other than the repetition of words and images combined with emotion (in this case, Fear). Mass-brainwashing can get some to believe anything, no matter how bizarre.

There’s a lady who told me “once I get double-jabbed, I’ll be able to travel freely”. Her country just went into another lockdown and the double-jabbed are not allowed to travel freely. I said: “How do you feel about getting two vaccines and still not being allowed to move?”. I thought that my wise-cracking statement would break her hypnosis, but it only strengthened it. She blamed it on the people who hadn’t gotten their vaccine. “Those anti-vaxxers are holding us all hostage!” She had been promised “If you take one vaccine you can be free”. Then “If you take two vaccines, you can be free”. She has. And she is still not free. That’s three levels of psychological denial stacked on top of each other:

  1. “My freedom depends on my adherence to a pharmaceutical company”
  2. “If I become a slave to them I will be free”
  3. “If I am now still not free, it’s because of those who did not become slaves”


So how did I get foreknowledge of the event?

Well, simple: I was told. The virus was already going around in January 2020 and some people knew that. It had been developed artificially, as a biological weapon. I was told outright: “Things are going to get much worse before they get better. They are going to shut down the world. No more flights from March onward. Might as well Hunker down”. 

Even though I intuitively felt that something was afoot and acted upon his information, I doubted it. I couldn’t imagine that travel would be suspended or that almost all countries would be on board, in unison. How wrong I was! Can you see how easy it is to fall for falsehood because one “can’t imagine” that something could be true? My intuition was telling me what was going on! A trustworthy person explicitly told me what would happen! And I still thought “that can’t be true”. This whole Covid thing is a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to awaken in many different ways.

His foreknowledge was oddly specific. By around the beginning of April international travel was suspended. He had only been off by two weeks.

But even I was under some kind of spell, some kind of mental fog. It took me a while to break the spell. The problem is, that there are thousands of false predictions floating around, so it’s hard to weed out true from false. Months later, after reviewing the events I thought: This guy knew exactly what was going to happen and when it’s going to happen. This whole thing was planned. There is some kind of covert war going on. World War Three, but without tanks, planes and bombs. A sophisticated economic war. And also an excuse for endless vaccine subscription services:



Even though Covid-people and anti-Covid people such as myself, couldn’t be more at odds with each other, it is important not to get divided to a point of violence. The bad can only win if people are divided. Being united does not mean everyone sharing the same opinions. It means everyone respecting others opinions. Even though I believe some of you are under a spell, I will never prevent you from sharing your viewpoint or violate your space. If we keep a sense of connectedness and humanness, good will win. When someone calls me a “killer” for sharing my viewpoint and wishes that I be “removed from society” it might be difficult for me not to harden my heart, but it’s absolutely necessary. If you lower yourself to the level of the attacker, the result is more war. Stay inwardly at peace, and the conflict dissolves. Try it, it works.



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