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Content, Context and Creation
1. Every object, thought, feeling, place, situation, event is a CREATION defined by borders in time and/or space. No creation is unlimited.
2. Every creation exists within a CONTEXT. That context is normally another, bigger creation. If you can shift your perspective from content to context you can step outside of a creation.
3. For undesirable experiences you’ll want to become aware of the context, the space outside of the creation. That decreases the intensity of the experience. For desirable experiences you’ll want to immerse and become aware its CONTENT.
You are already within many creations which are within creations, etc and you are “desensitized to your own smell”. Have you ever entered a taxi or house and been horrified at the foul smell but the owners don’t seem the least bit concerned?
That’s because they no longer smell it. They’ve gotten used to it! What you are immersed in fully, you don’t notice much. The same happens with lifestyles, habits and even recurring opinions.
The only way to notice, is to leave your normal surroundings or normal behavior or viewpoint for a while. Then, when you return home, you’ll smell it. When you return to your comfort-beliefs, you’ll smell them. And then you can choose which to keep and which to discard.
1. What’s something that’s bothering you? Imagine intentionally immersing yourself into it for a few seconds.
2. What are its borders in space and time? Where do you feel it and where DON’T you feel it? Feel the creation AND the free, light space outside of the creation.
3. Realize this thing is just a thought you’ve been immersed in, it’s not your essence.
4. Become aware of what you’d prefer to experience.
5. Immerse yourself in it now – imagine, feel, experience and act upon it.
Repeat on separate days until the thing that’s bothering you fades away, replaced by a new experience.
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