Commanding an ankle-sprain to heal

Picture of Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

I had severe pain in my left ankle, was unable to walk. This went on for a few days, then I suddenly remembered my own tools.
I said “In the name of the most High, I command your complete and full healing. Divine light now radiates throughout my body and being, bringing healing to my left foot. I command all energies and entities that do not belong to dissipate and go away. My left foot is strong and my muscles restored, in the name of the most High”. In this manner I spoke for a few minutes.
Then I ACTED UPON my command and went to play Tennis, as if it had been healed.
The problem had disappeared completely.
Just as described in my book “You can heal anyone” and my video course “Your Electric Word”.
As we see from this example, reality creation requires a more confident, assertive stance. Many are too timid or shy to be COMMANDING. If that’s you, you can start today by regaining your voice and say in matters that pertain to your life.
You are not exclusively dependent on pills, supplements, food, doctors, machines, herbs, etc. Your word has power.
And why would I forget to use my own tools? Busy-ness. Busy-ness creates a fog of oblivion. That’s why it’s good not to be busy all the time. To make space and time to rediscover who you are.
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