Coaching for Groups, Companies and Executives

I can help you advance the skill and power of your team or group. In 30 years of Coaching, I have conducted Group Seminars on Levels of Energy and Consciousness, Reality Creation, Success Coaching, Leadership Training, Presence and Presentation Training, Communication Training and Team Training. Contrary to 99% of all Corporate Coaches, a Seminar with me is Fun and Experiential, creating a long-term shift to higher awareness, integrity and ability in each individual. Most corporate Trainings come from a mechanistic view of the world, whereas Reality Creation Coaching develops from a spiritual view of reality. 

You may have specific requests to my work with your Group, but the average Training time per Group in the last years, has been 3 Days and the average Training Fee (depending on Group size), has been $4000 a day. 

Seminars are available Live or Online. If you would like to inquire about Seminars and Events for your Group, fill out the Form below and I will get in touch with you. 

For one-on-one personal Coaching, please go here: Reality Creation Coaching