Clearing Entities

This book helps you to identify and clear astral and etheric fragments, entities, demons and jinn. You are a divine being and don’t need to put up with energies, emotions and pains created by these entities. Learn what causes entities, how underworld entities cultivate, harvest and feed off of humans and negative emotion, how different densities and frequencies of reality operate and how the entity paradigm was known across all ancient cultures. Find out the connection between entities and secret realities such as Mkultra and occult ritual abuse. Finally, discover how to stay immune to entity influence for life.

Table of Contents

  1. Entities, Fragments and Demons
  2. Calling a thing by its name
  3. Entity Clearing
  4. No Deals
  5. Examples of Entity Clearing Sessions
  6. Causes of Entities
  7. Cutting Cords that Bind You
  8. Illuminati Energy Harvesting, SRA and MKUltra

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