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A time for civil disobedience

Frederick Dodson

Frederick Dodson

Worldwide death rates have stayed much the same for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. That’s a fact anyone can look up. Whether people die from the common flu, cancer, car accidents or from COVID, the fatality rate remains the same. Death is an unavoidable fact of life and no amount of legislation, lockdown or vaccine has changed that. If your time has come to pass on to the next life, even wearing three sanitized masks won’t change that. The organizing principle of creation (you call it Nature, Universe or God) has a plan for a pre-determined amount of births and deaths. Some have written that the moment of your death was determined before you were even born.

In places without lockdown, death rates were no higher or lower in percentage, than in places with lockdown. That too is a fact that you can look up.

Tyrants in History, have always liked the idea of “the greater good” to justify their oppression. In 2020 and 2021 I have coached many good people who were forced out of Business “for the greater good”. It’s not their neighbors who have asked them to stop running their Business, it’s “the Government”, whatever that is. Within the year, I have worked with:

a Gym owner,

a Restaurant owner,

the owner of a tourist activities company,

an owner of Hotels,

a traveling photographer

and a few others. These people come from different countries – USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Morocco. You’d think they are different countries, but they all appear to follow the same failed collectivist politics. In each case, the State forced them to shut down their Business. If they didn’t, they were either penalized or arrested. Then they were coerced into taking loans from the Government and to be in their debt. Using the words “forced” and “coerced” here, is entirely appropriate. Businesses and countless families that depend on them, have been destroyed. All for “the greater good”. People being forced to take loans from a specific source, is no different than a mafia shakedown. And this is what we call “the Government”?

These Businesses and families are the backbone of our society. Strategists are dazzled: Entire nations have been subdued without a single shot being fired!

When they come to me for Coaching, what am I supposed to tell them? Reality Creation Coaching assumes that it is allowed for a person to offer products or services they like, in exchange for money. When the time comes where that is no longer allowed, I will discard Reality Creation Coaching and teach civil disobedience instead.

I know, there are many who demand lockdowns and restrictions. I respect that. They are scared. Maybe you are among those who demand lockdowns. If so, please consider this: Fear attracts the things you are afraid of. Have no fear and you become largely immune to illness. You might say “We should have lockdowns because the majority wants lockdowns”. But that’s not how a free society works. The will of the majority should not erase the civil rights of a minority.  Even if you disagree with my stance on COVID, the shift of Governments worldwide toward overt dictatorship should worry you. Rules are implemented without examination, discussion or votes. The views of a large part of trained medical doctors are ignored. People are snitching on their neighbors. In many countries, freedom of travel, movement, association and speech are suspended – without any vote being counted!

Should the interests of the individual be suppressed for “the greater good”? No. A Government that uses the “greater good” concept has failed to work things out between different parties, has failed to respect the rights of one group of people in favor of another. A Government that sacrifices the prosperity of Millions for the hypothetical health of a dozen, has either utterly failed, or has a hidden agenda.

Even if you disagree with me on Covid-19, don’t you think that Government measures should have been openly discussed?

Who defines “greater good”? For who is it good? Covid, so far, has been very good for the wealth of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Google and Microsoft. Covid has been the greatest wealth transfer from middle to upper class in History. It hasn’t been good for the middle class.

And what do lockdowns keep us safe from? From social interaction? From living independent of Government handouts? Does it keep a child safe to no longer have friends and instead stare at screens all day?  The social, psychological and physical consequences of lockdowns are much worse than having flu symptoms for a week.

I see some colleagues of mine, saying that lockdowns should be “embraced” and we should think positively about them. I’m all for making the best of a situation. But should they really be embraced, or should they be defied?

If we were talking about an actual pandemic – you know, the kind that fills hospitals, then nobody would be talking civil disobedience. But hospitals stand empty. Remember when you were told that lockdowns would solve the issue? And it didn’t? Remember when you were told that vaccines would solve the issue? And now they are saying they don’t, because there are “mutations” of the virus and you’ll have to stay out of Business indefinitely?

And remember when thousands of restaurants across Italy, defied Government orders to close? That was coordinated and peaceful civil disobedience. Or maybe you don’t remember it, because you didn’t hear about it. And maybe you didn’t hear about it because you only read mainstream news. And maybe that’s evidence that mainstream news is state-sponsored propaganda. 😉 In any case, many Italians kept their restaurants open and there was nothing “the Government” could do about it, because we-the-people are the real Government. We outnumber public officials by about 700 000. YOU are the Government! For every public official, there are 700 000 people. It is our own will that determines our reality.  If enough people keep their Businesses open, there is nothing they can do about it.

Or can they? Well, they could behave like the CCP and send in police to haul people off to prison. But if they did that, it would reveal that they are not on our side, which would eventually cause an even greater uprising. So that’s unlikely to happen. But to make sure that never happens, more people need to practice peaceful civil disobedience.

You may think that the act of one person has no influence at all, but it does. Your influence is accumulative.

“If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”

Thomas Jefferson

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