Everything “bad” that happened to me was good in the long run

If you are upset, you are only seeing a small scene of the movie, not the whole. The Universe is an apparatus of absolute genius and moves everything to your best. That’s why all bad that has ever happened to be, was for the good – in the long run. At first it didn’t seem, […]

Experience Trust – Online Event with Frederick Dodson – 18 April 3 pm EST

Experience Trust is an online event with  me, Frederick Dodson, taking place on the 18th of April at 3 pm EST on Zoom.  I created this workshop because Trust is the basis of every relationship and economic transaction. Increasing trust in self, others and life improves your life in every area. This workshop teaches you how […]

Our Home

Yesterday I saw the Portuguese 2010 movie Nosso Lar (Our Home) for the first time, based on a book written in 1944. I’m usually skeptical of movies like this, because they turn out cheesy or poorly made. But this one was professionally done and surprisingly accurate from a metaphysical standpoint. The movie has several crossover […]