What your life looks like from a higher realm

In a higher realm, call it Heaven if you like, there is a cosmic library. In that library, there is a book of your life on Earth. You can open it and revisit any scene of your life as if watching a three-dimensional movie. But when you relive the scenes, you experience them differently than […]

When animals talk

I have casual conversation with animals. I guess it’s common for people to talk to their house pets – animals, dogs, parrots or even fish. But you can really converse with any animal – dolphins, horses, eagles, penguins – any living being. I even talk to my car when it’s not working, so how much […]

Energy Flow and Influence

How to silently shift peoples state to the positive. How to generate a strong positive energy field around you. How to have a healing effect. Real Communication is non-verbal. The full Workshop on Energy Flow and Influence (1:30 hrs in length) is quite advanced and has never been shared publicly. I have now uploaded to the […]

Transcend the rigidity of the mind

Imagine telling me that water is good for plants. So I go and put my young plant under a raging waterfall. It gets destroyed. What happened? I forgot to mention the dose of water to be applied. In the right or wrong dose, everything is either a cure or a poison. Even truth itself, overemphasized, […]

The “Then What” Exercise

A speedily effective questioning-technique for solving fear, worry and unfulfilled desire. Previously a “members only” recording available at realitycreation.org now FREE for all.