What factors influence your well-being?

Some obsess over foods, toxins, emf, etc. ignoring the fact that experience is formed through the contents of consciousness first. Others pretend foods and environmental factors play no role at all because “everything is just in the mind”. In reality your physical life is a reflection of your spiritual life and vice versa. I recommend […]

Contemplation on Source – Meditations 1, 2 and 3

Meditation 1 The purpose of this guided process is to let go of your IMAGE of God and allow for God to be something much greater.   You can do this with eyes open or closed.   You can use your natural surroundings or the video as “nature”.   The video was shot in 2019 […]

How to get LIT

If I had my way with you, I’d * blindfold you, * drive you 3 miles by car in an area unfamiliar to you. * Then I’d remove your blindfold, but also your phone and wallet and have you find back home on your own. Only just NOW are we talking true self-development! All your […]

Who are you, where are you, why are you?

Who are you? Where are you? Why are you? I can’t and won’t answer these questions for you because your own pursuit and discovery is what brings joy and growth. In moments of honesty, you realize you don’t have the answers to the most basic questions. It’s a humbling realization. Hundreds of millions of people […]

Train into the Unknown

I was 17 years old when I jumped on a slow moving freight train, not knowing where it would go. My friend jumped on a carriage close by. It was late at night and we had missed the last bus home. Our thinking was to a) have some fun and b) get home without having […]

Want proof that a human being IS LIGHT?

Put a small group, maybe five people, in a large enclosed space such as a hotel conference room. Completely darken the room. Cover all light sources and remove any electronics. After some adjustment time, some of you will see where the others are. I did this experiment in a seminar 25 years ago. Four students […]

The self requires no brain to function

If consciousness is seated in the brain, as science tells us, then why are there cases of people who lost their brains or had a chunk of their brain removed, who continue living as before? Obviously the self doesn’t require a brain. Just like you won’t find the news announcer inside the TV Set, you […]


I contend that nothing happens without your implicit or explicit, your conscious or subconscious consent. Even in the rare case you’re forced into something you don’t consent to, you get “karma-points” that are subtracted from those doing the forcing. That’s why it’s important to make it clear when you don’t consent to something, even if […]

Reality is not normal

One of the great popular delusions is that if things are “normal” and “ordinary” they’re real. If things differ from the norm, they are “fiction”. Upon spiritual awakening, you realize the ordinary and normal is boring because it’s less real. The universe is more amazing than that. A few random examples of reality being stranger […]

What am I?

The physical body is created from an electromagnetic body, beginning with tailbone & sacrum at the bottom of the spine. The center of this electromagnetic self is the chest or solar plexus and the second center is the head. These are the electromagnetic identity-field we call “soul” or “I am”. If a finger or limb […]

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