Feeling the mood of a group with eyes closed (Live Course Footage)

If you were blindfolded could you FEEL whether you’re in a room full of depressed people or happy people? And is it possible to generate a good vs. bad state on command? We tried the experiment at the Levels of Energy Course 2023.  Click below to enjoy.      

Product-Test: Water Treatment Methods

Disclaimer: I have not conducted scientific experiments, I speak from pure personal experience. What is good for me doesn’t have to be good for you.  A year ago I began testing ways of treating water. I had a costly filter system installed which took out the choride, bromide, flouride and other stuff that made the […]

Sensory Deprivation Meditation

Who are you prior to sight, sound, touch, smell and taste? Use this guided meditation process by Frederick Dodson to find out. It has been uploaded to the Member Videos page for Gold and Silver members. Enjoy.   

Meditation on Forgiveness

I have uploaded a new guided Meditation audio to the Member Downloads page. You find it in the section titled “Releasing Meditations”. If you’d like access to this and hundreds of other audios and videos by Frederick Dodson, consider signing up here: Membership.    

The Art of Adventurous and Mystic Travel

Most of what passes as tourism and leisure travel is a counterfeit of the real thing, bypassing your innate sense of wonder. The soul is a mystic, an explorer, not cattle to usher into pre-defined paths for energy-zapping. We travel to discover new worlds, make new connections, exchange knowledge. The modern “leisure travel” experience falls […]

Uncovering Deception as an awareness-exercise

A stage magician performs secret actions in front of an audience without ever being detected. Why don’t people perceive those actions? Does this mean people are easily fooled? You bet. And is there something we can do to deepen our awareness so that we are less easily fooled? Yes there is. Let’s explore. Deception and […]

I follow a hidden agenda on social media

I receive a lot of emails and comments by people who are puzzled at my posts on social media. If I see something I don’t understand or like on social media, I simply move on. People have a lot of spare time on their hands it seems 🙂 I’ll now share the agenda of my […]

Three types of people: The victim, the rescuer and the sovereign individual

I sometimes view society as an interplay of three types of people: Victim Rescuer Sovereign Individual The victim-type creates scenarios to be offended, wronged and oppressed by. Underlying that, is a cry for attention. The rescuer type comes to the rescue of victim, the hero to save the day. Underlying that, is the desire to […]

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