When you hide the truth because you don’t want to hurt feelings…

When you hide the truth because you don’t want to hurt feelings… ask yourself this: How would I feel if someone lied to me because they didn’t wish to hurt my feelings? Is that the kind of world you want to live in? Or do you wish to live in a more real world? Withholding […]

Want to accelerate self-improvement? Admit where you were wrong

In 1992 I wrote an article saying that by the year 2020, everyone would be enslaved through micro-chip implants. I was wrong. In 2001 I published a book claiming anyone could travel out of body. I was wrong. In 2010 I wrote in my book “Levels of Energy” that Bill Gates is a high-consciousness invidiual. […]

Being Authentic Part 7: Stop Being Boring

You are unique and divinely created. When you are being boring, you are not being authentic. Click below to view Part 7 of the 10 part Course on Being Authentic (previously available to Members Only):    

Setting Boundaries: 5-Hour Webinar Upload now available!

Setting Boundaries, a training in Authenticity, Courage and Respect. The 5-hour Webinar has been uploaded and is available to Reality Creation Silver and Gold Members. It can be found here: Members Overview.  If you don’t have access to the Members section and the hundreds of videos and audios it contains, you can get it here: […]

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